New Pricing: Sale V-MODA Crossfades 2 Wireless, Forza

V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones Review Sale V-MODA

If you are a fan of the DJ-recognized headphone label V-MODA, you’ll be happy to note the company has recently lowered the prices of their latest wireless releases V-MODA Crossfades 2 as well as the Forza Series and REMIX Bluetooth speaker. “Sale V-MODA Crossfades 2 Wireless, Forza”

New Pricing: Sale V-MODA Crossfades 2 Wireless, Forza

Although it is the tail end of summer, V-MODA is lowering the price of their Forza, Forza Metallo, Forza Metallo Wireless and REMIX Bluetooth speaker to match that of their Supersonic Spring Sale while the popular Crossfade 2 Wireless will also see a discounted price.

The Crossfades 2 Wireless – available in black, rose gold, and white – are an on-ear wireless headphone. Fit with memory foam ear  cushions and 50 mm drivers, the headphone provides comfortable wearing for up to 14 hours. Moreover, the frame is collapsible and small enough to store in just about any suitcase, backpack, and messenger bag. Originally retailing for $330, the headphones will now sit at a more comfortable price (at least for my wallet) at $279.99 on Amazon.

As for the Forza series, the Forza Metallo Wireless is a Bluetooth-equipped neckband that provides the signature V-MODA sound signature in a slimmer, portable frame and it supplies up to 10 hours of music playback. The price has decreased from $170 to $129.99 and is available at V-MODA.

The wired Forza Metallo sees a price drop of $30 and retails for $99.99 on V-MODA. The Forza wired sports earphone is fit with a sports fin to secure the buds while you bench press, lift, and stretch. Forza usually retails for $100 and has dropped to $80. Catch this sale at V-MODA.

About V-MODA:

V‑MODA, the award-winning maker of world-class high-fidelity headphones and audio devices, partnered with Roland to work hand-in-hand to develop breakthrough music products. The merger provided V‑MODA the resources to accelerate product development, push the boundaries of audio innovation and reach a global audience of music aficionados.

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