Sennheiser Momentum Sport Vs Momentum 4 Comparison Review

Sennheiser has launched two highly anticipated true wireless earbuds that are prime for comparison. While both carry the Momentum name, they are two very different products. What do these differences mean, and how can they better inform your buying decision?

What You Get

Momentum SportĀ  Momentum 4
  • Pair of earbuds
  • Ear adapter sets (XS/S/M/L)
  • Ear fin sets (S/M/L)
  • Charging case & USB-C cable
  • Clip-on band for portable carry
  • Quick guide & safety guide
  • Momentum True Wireless 4 Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Extra Wing fins
  • S/M/L Ear Tips
  • USB Type C Charging Cable
  • User Guide

Look & Feel

While the Momentum Sport and Momentum 4 have very different designs, they have the same level of comfort. The Sport is smaller and has more fir options with its various wing fin sizes, but the Momentum 4 should not cause any discomfort in comparison. The Sport needs this type of design to retain its seal when working out, and it succeeds in that. With the Momentum 4, the fit reflects a more natural seal for casual music listening.

Design & Functionality

Both of these earbuds are chock full of features. They both use different drivers, and the Sport even possesses a semi-open principle, which aims to relieve air pressure more than expand sonic properties. Both earbuds contain many similar functions like noise-canceling, which they are strong in. Where they start to diverge is in the specialized heart rate and body temperature monitoring that is specific to the Sport. The Sport also has a better IP rating for resistance to dirt and sweat. When it comes to operating these actions, both earbuds have very sensitive controls, with the Sport being the most sensitive. All of the common features like EQ can be found in Sennheiser’s smart control app.


While the Momentum Sport supports Bluetooth 5.2, the Momentum 4 supports Bluetooth 5.4. They both have similarly fast pairing and stability, but only the Momentum 4 supports aptX Lossless.

Battery Life

Neither the Momentum Sport nor the Momentum 4 should last more than seven hours on a single charge. Both earbuds should last around 30 hours in total with their charging cases.


For true wireless earbuds, both the Sport and Momentum 4 have a substantial width to them. It’s pretty stark against AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM5. Even the Sports version of the Momentum attempts accurate positioning and spatial imaging, which is admirable. When compared to each other though, the Momentum 4 is more precise and cleanly organized than the Sport. However, the Sport shouldn’t bother you too much with is less identifiable separation when using them for working out.

Low End

Neither of these earbuds skimp on the bass. Sports earbuds usually satisfy this range, but the Momentum 4 will provide a more detailed presentation of these energetic low-end frequencies. Using the Sport for just the thing it’s named for, the bass will help invigorate the sound signature with good impact, but the Momentum 4 has more layers of depth and tightness.


If you’re looking for midrange fidelity over true wireless, you might not what you’re looking for with either the Sport or Momentum 4. Both of these earbuds have a V-shaped presentation in the mids, so it won’t be very transparent. However, the Momentum 4 is more consistent with its instrument display than the foggier Sport. These earbuds are still very fun to listen to without featuring the most exciting details. Individual notes are more identifiable with the Momentum 4 than on the Sport, but the Sport does boost the low-mids more expressively.


One of the most impressive parts about these sound signatures is their high-end response. Both earbuds have a clear treble response, which some true wireless earbuds are afraid to touch. The Momentum 4 is more detailed in its highs, but the Sport should also be commended for its treble compared to other sports earbuds. You don’t get as crisp of a response with the Sport, but it supplies enough top-end clarity to be worth noting.


These are two similar sets of earbuds with two very specific functions. To put it simply, if you’re looking for a set of true wireless earbuds that is primarily focused on good sound, then the Momentum 4 is the best fit. While the Sport has good sound compared to other sports earbuds, it is missing features like aptX Lossless and Auracast that will make the Momentum 4 more future-proof.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport and Momentum 4 True Wireless are available at Audio46.

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