Sennheiser Releases New Momentum 3 Wireless

Sennheiser just birthed a new baby. The Momentum 3 Wireless. And she’s just as pretty as her predecessor. What features can we expect?

Sennheiser Releases New Momentum 3 Wireless

Powerful Noise-Cancellation

Sennheiser has not only increased the effectiveness of their ANC technology, but now they offer 3 ANC modes, which you can adjust depending on your environment and personal preferences.

Transparent Hearing

Cross a busy road and live to tell the tale. Sennheiser has added a transparent hearing mode, which opens up your ears to ambient sounds.

More Comfy Earpads

Plush just got plusher. Softer than a baby’s bottom and more squishy than your dad’s beer belly.

Battery Life

The Momentum 3 offers 17 hours of battery life.


Stop avoiding Siri and Google Assistant. They’re just trying to help. 

More Control

Sennheiser has improved the Momentum’s functionality. Don’t just call your mother. Put her on hold for a while. Then mute your voice so she can’t hear you sighing.

Better Connectivity

Connect up to 2 devices simultaneously via Bluetooth 5.

Smart Pause and Auto On/Off

In this busy world, who has time to press buttons? Sennheiser gets it. So, they’ve added Smart Pause, which automatically puts your music on hold when you take the Momentum 3 Wireless off your ears. It will also turn off automatically when you fold them back to put into your carrying case.

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless is retailing for $399 and is available for purchases online or at a store near you.




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