TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 True Wireless Earbuds Review

I recently reviewed Taotronics’ Soundliberty 53. And considering the price, I was impressed with the sound quality. So, I was curious to test out their next true wireless model, the Soundliberty 77, which sells for 10 bucks more on Amazon. What can you expect in terms of sound signature, design, and call clarity? And how much better is it than the Soundliberty 53? Let’s take a look in this TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 True Wireless Earbuds Review.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 True Wireless Earbuds Review

IN the BOX


For sure, the Soundliberty 77 offers a comfortable and snug fit. The sound isolation is effective too. And if you’re a worry wart about losing your TW buds, then the ergonomic shape of the 77 may give you a better sense of security than the Soundliberty 53. But to be honest, I wasn’t concerned about either model falling out of my ears. The only issue I had with the 77 in terms of fit was the sound quality. That is, if I didn’t have them in at exactly the right angle, the bass response would change dramatically. But more about this below.


Controls and Functionality

You can expect all the standard functions of a higher priced pair of TW earphones. Using the touch controls on the earbuds, you can play/pause, adjust volume, skip back and forth through tracks, answer/end/decline calls, and activate your voice assistant.

Than user manual is not only informative but also entertaining to read. To increase volume, tap the touch control on the right earbud, and it “toots when highest setting is reached.” It will also toot when lowest volume is reached. Activate the voice assistant, and it will toot again. 

Battery Life

You’ll get 20 hours of total playtime from the Soundliberty 77. Interestingly, that’s much less than the incredible 40 hours offered by the cheaper, Soundliberty 53. But like the Soundliberty 53, the 77 gives you 5 hours of play at a time before having to pop the buds back into the case for charging.

Water Resistance

Like the Soundliberty 53, the Soundliberty 77 has an IPX7 waterproof rating. So, it can certainly handle heavy sweat and even some torrential rain.

Call Clarity

This is the category in which the Soundliberty 77 beats the Soundliberty 53 hands down. Not only did the caller sound clearer on my end, but the mic also seems to be more effective on the 77. So, if you’re a chatty cathy and call clarity is of the utmost importance, the 77 is definitely worth the extra $10 investment.




Finding the optimal fit is essential to getting the intended bass response. Though not as bassy as the Soundliberty 53, when I had these buds angled the right way, the low end was deep and punchy. It works great for pop, and there’s a lot of “subbiness” there too. So, hip-hop fans will definitely get enough juice from them. And when these buds are in right, you should also her a lot of warmth when listening to rock tracks. But if you’re not getting this bass profile from the 77, try adjusting the angle of the fit. 


The balance in this range favors the upper mids over the lower mids. Perhaps even more so than on the Soundliberty 53. As a result, vocals (especially female vocals) tend to shine through the mix. So, if you like your pop music to have a dynamic feel with energetic vocals, this sound signature is ideal. And even though the low mids were a little scooped out, rock and pop-rock tracks still have a decent amount of meat to them. I also like that snares hit pretty hard in rock tracks, which brings added vibrancy to songs where percussion helps to drive the melody. 

Like the cheaper, Soundliberty 53, the Soundliberty 77 displays a very clean profile for such an affordable pair of TW buds. And actually, in terms of clarity, it’s significantly better than the 53. Guitar strums have clear definition even in older, muddier recordings. And the layering of instruments in heavy arrangements is nice and tidy considering the price.


There’s a little extension in this range. So if you like touch of brightness with really crisp and snappy percussion, you’ll probably gravitate towards this sound signature. That being said, if you tend to listen at louder volumes and you’re sensitive to high frequencies, you may feel some sharpness at times. And again, female vocals, for example, sound quite forward in this range. So, it’s a powerful sound signature that may border on fatiguing for some folks. But when it comes to high frequencies, I’m a little snowflake. And not everyone will run into the same issue as I did. Still, if you want a model that less tiring on the ears, I would recommend the Soundliberty 53, even though with respect to transparency, the 77 is superior.


Reasons to choose the Soundliberty 77 over the Soundliberty 53? Considerably more calrity and better call transmission. Reasons to stick with the more affordable Soundliberty 53? Much longer battery life and a balance that’s easier on the ears. That being said, if you suffer from bass anxiety, the more moderate bass response on the Sounliberty 77 is a safer bet. And yes, both models still offer a big bang for your buck.

You can find the Soundliberty 77 for the best price here:

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 77 Earbuds On Amazon

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