Shozy Form 1.4 Review

Shozy Form 1.4

Recently, I took a look at the BG 5ba from Shozy. It was my first time hearing anything from Shozy and I was very impressed with what I heard. Now I am intrigued to listen to other selections from their catalog, and one has landed at my desk for testing. The $199 Form 1.4 has a lot of promise, so let’s see what it can do.

Shozy items

What You Get

  • Shozy Form 1.4 IEMs
  • Carrying Case
  • Assorted Ear Tips
    • Grey memory foam
    • White flanged silicone
    • Black silicone

Shozy single

Look and Feel

Shozy doesn’t exactly have a unique in-house aesthetic, but their IEM designs are still nice for their price. The Form 1.4 has this housing that has a classy marble finish, and a housing that feels like the perfect size when worn in your ear. It’s as comfortable and ergonomic as any IEM of this type is.

Shozy cable


The Form 1.4 is comprised of a hybrid system that brings together a 9.2 dynamic driver with four balanced armatures coated in beryllium.

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity:100dB (SPL/mW)
  • Impedance: 19 ohm


Even though I have heard some impressive soundstages in this price range, I wasn’t expecting greatness from the Form 1.4. Keeping my expectation in check made me grow an appreciation for its consistency and overall shape. What you get here is pretty linear, but extends a far width. Instruments, vocals, and effects are all given their proper place in the surface image, with good separation and positioning that feels accurate to the mix. Their complete tones are able to resonate throughout the image without hitting any walls, and altogether the stage feels like it is very much in front of you rather than around you.

Low End

With a more enticing bass timbre, the 1.4 is able to weave together a textured but clear response. It is a bass that is less concerned with showcasing intrinsic detail and more about providing the more theatrical elements of the lows. However, the Form 1.4 keeps this exaggeration tight and with a concise tone that balances well with the rest of the sound signature. It gives you just enough to lift the tone of the bass while performing its output with solid clarity.


The field of midrange frequencies you get here appears reserved but even across the spectrum. It’s a neutral tone that still provides a fulfilling shape to each track, offering a response that is more like connective tissue than its own unique texture. The way instrumentals are put together here makes the timbre feel clinical but still gripping with its forward gain. It’s missing some crispness for me, but the tuning still works for the profile the Form is given.


There is some slight air to these highs that I really appreciated, even if the treble overall is a little veiled. Certain areas of the highs exhibit noticeable accents, mainly where the airy details come into play, but there seems to be a harder limit on how far some of the detail can extend. You’ll hear some pleasant characteristics here, but as a whole, the tone has some flaws.


Even with its flaws, there is still a lot to enjoy about the Shozy Form 1.4. It is a competitive field, but this IEM stands out with its neutral timbre and low-end power. If you’re searching around for your budget-fi IEM collection, the Form 1.4 would be a solid contender.

Pros Cons
·         Wide soundstage

·         Textured lows

·         Neutral mids

·         Marble shell design

·         Price

·         Veiled highs


The Shozy Form 1.4 is available at Audio46.

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