Skelmet 3D Scans Your Face to Make You Perfect Fitting Sunglasses

It’s uncanny to think it’s taken us this long to achieve a pair of sunglasses designed just for you. Our faces are not the same, so why should our sunglasses be? Well, Skelmet has got that problem all figured out.

Skelmet 3D Scans Your Face to Make You Perfect Fitting Sunglasses

Their innovative sunnies, called Falcon, are designed with you in mind, literally. The entire frame is contoured to the unique curves in your face. This is done through 3D scanning on a companion app. Simply download the app and have someone slowly and steadily rotate the app around your face. Then you upload it.

Via Indiegogo Skelmet explains they are able to create a personalized pair for every individual through an expansive database. “We built the world’s first and largest head and face 3D scan database with over 3,500 data entries. The 3D-Fit customization algorithms are designed based on extensive research of the 3D scans in the database.”

When it comes to style, options consist of frames in the color of Graphite Black (black frame & black lens), Sapphire Black (black frame & blue lens), or Alpine White (white frame & brown lens). There is also the possibility of mixing and matching with various lens options (grey, grey-green, brown, ice blue mirror, and pink mirror. In addition, users can also opt for polarized, tinted, and prescription lenses. Talk about the works! These lenses are also anti-fog!

After that, Skelmet will then use 3D printing which allows for a special fit and light-as-a-feather framework thanks to aerospace materials. This means you won’t feel these babies on your face and they shouldn’t leave any marks either. To boot, your customized sunglasses are optimized to provide you with a maximized field of vision.

Sounds like the perfect companion for runners, cyclists, and the like. If interested in grabbing a pair head over to Indiegogo. But be prepared to spend at least $229. Orders are expected to ship in September 2017.

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