SOL Republic Amps Air Wireless Earbuds

SOL Republic Amps Air

Truly wireless buds are all the rage on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With the successful launch of products like Bragi Dash, bigger electronics companies like Samsung jumped on the opportunity, launching Gear IconX. Now, SOL Republic has jumped on the train  releasing SOL Republic Amps Air wireless earbuds.

SOL Republic Amps Air Wireless Earbuds

As of October 27 SOL Republic joined the truly wireless earbud craze. While Amps Air has similar features to that of other cable-free earbuds, the company promises one intriguing difference – “an advanced antenna design for the most reliable Bluetooth wireless connection possible.”

As Senior Vice President of SOL Republic Kevin Lee said, “Most wireless headphones try to pack a lot of features in a small space and unfortunately often end up sacrificing sound quality and Bluetooth reliability. We engineered an advanced antenna design for the most reliable Bluetooth wireless connection possible and delivered our SOL REPUBLIC signature sound with big deep bass and amazing clarity.”

Amps Air are able to provide this stellar connection and sound for up to three hours on a single charge of the 2200mAh battery. The buds are easily re-juiced in the accompanying  portable charging case that holds an additional 15 charges.

Each ear piece is fashioned as a pair of wireless buds for commuters and the fitness buffs, as each is specially contoured to fit the ear. They are wrapped in a silicone sleeve with tapered grooves that grip the ear “like treads on a tire” explains SOL. This should provide a lasting and comfortable fit. In addition, these grooves allow for airflow subsequently reducing sweat build up.

The buds are always ready to be used – once removed from their charging case they automatically turn on. Once placed back into the case the buds are turned off. With a multifunction button built into the housing, users can simply call on Siri, Google Now, navigate their musical playlists, and make calls with the tap of a button.

“Truly wireless headphones are essentially wearables, meaning they have to look good when you wear them, feel comfortable enough to wear all day, sweat resistant for workouts, and in the case of headphones, sound amazing and have a reliable Bluetooth connection. We think we have accomplished all of that in Amps Air,” added Lee.

SOL Republic Amps Air are available in Rose Gold, Black, Teal, and Blue. Amps Air will be available at

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