V-Moda Forza Earbuds for Athletic Audiophiles

V-Moda Forza Earbuds

V-Moda just added three new in-ear buds to their fam. Meet V-Moda Forza earbuds specially designed for the athletic audiophile.

V-Moda Forza Earbuds for Athletic Audiophiles

The new V-Moda Forza line-up consists of two wired options and a Bluetooth model for those who own the iPhone 7 or anything else that might be jack-less. The entire Forza line boasts Hi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society all under a $200 price tag.

The most affordable is just called Forza and it retails at $100. It holds a 5.8mm featherweight micro-driver designed to deliver vibrant bass, vivid mids, and salient highs within a wide soundstage. As I previously mentioned, these buds are designed for athletic audiophiles so Forza’s plastic housing is mechanically sealed to be both sweat and water resistant.

When it comes to fit, four different size ear tips along with three different size sport fins are provided to secure the tips in your ears. In addition, sport ear hooks are included for those who would prefer to secure the sportphones in a hook fashion over their ears. The cable is said to be ultra-tough boasting unmatched strength and durability up to 20 times the industry standard. The cable is also fit with an in-line mic and controller.

Forza Metallo is built similarly to that of the first Forza, but the housing is made of aluminum rather than plastic. This difference will cost you $30 more. The final make is Forza Metallo Wireless, differing from the aforementioned by its wireless capabilities. These babies will burn a $170 hole in your pocket.

Customizations are available for any of the Forza models. When placing an order customers choose color, type of cable (iOS/Android), and special design caps. If interested in getting your hands on a pair of hi-res athletic earbuds head over to V-Moda.com.