Sony IFA 2017 New Releases

Sony WF-1000X Sony IFA 2017 AirPods Alternatives

Sony is one of the big exhibitors at IFA. In the past week, the company unveiled three new cellphones, a wireless speaker, and three new headphones. Learn more in our “Sony IFA 2017 New Releases.”

Sony IFA 2017 New Releases

Sony’s new headphones are all wireless models, with the first being an over-ear model, a wireless neckband, and truly wireless earbuds.

Sony IFA 2017 WH-1000XM2

The over-ear model is a rehash of the beloved MDR-1000X. If you recall, this headphone was not only wireless, but strong in active noise cancellation technology – impressive enough to surpass the Bose QuietComfort 35 (according to myself and some other reviewers). Well, the new Sony WH-1000XM2 builds upon those excellent characteristics of the MDR-1000X. First, the exterior has somewhat of a different finish – looks a little matte, perhaps. There are also way fewer buttons. The “NC” and “Ambient Sound Button” are no more, but both features still exist along with an equalizer, Surround and Sound Position control, and Atmospheric Pressure Optimization setting. These features allow for more immersive experience and adjusting the sound/ noise cancelling based on your environment while the latter allows wearers to use their headset during flights. P.S. These features can be further tailored through the Sony Connect app. As for the battery life, jump for joy because you’ll get a solid 30 hours (10 hours more than MDR-1000X) even while engaged in Bluetooth and ANC. Without Bluetooth and just ANC, the headphones reach a whopping 40 hours. Sony WH-1000XM2 retails for $349.99.

WI-1000X Sony IFA 2017

If all of the above sounded nice except for the fact that this is an over-ear headphone, there’s a smaller alternative. Sony WI-1000X is a wireless pair of buds connected to a neckband integrated with some of the functions found in the over-ear WH-1000XM2. Thanks to the integrated neck band these wireless buds are able to support active noise cancellation and atmospheric pressure optimization which can all be further tailored using the Sony Connect app. As for sound, I’m going to assume it’ll be pretty good, lol. But technically, these earphones reach an (expansive) frequency response range of 3-40,000 Hertz using hybrid drivers and can do so for up to 10 hours. The WI-1000X is a pretty penny (which is justified by all the features) retailing for $299.99.

Sony WF-1000X Sony IFA 2017

If the neckband is still too cumbersome for you, maybe the Sony WF-1000X is a more suitable fit. These earphones are truly wireless!and I’m wondering if these headphones can put other TWS buds to shame. Sony WF-1000X, at least in terms of battery life, is on the low end, yielding about 3 hours when the most I’ve seen is up to 7 hours. The buds feature ANC, like the rest of the 1000X series. As for look, the buds have a sleek looking exterior. When it comes to feel and sound, CNET describes them as, “With a tight seal, I thought the headphone sounded pretty smooth and dynamic, although out of the box the bass is accentuated a little, so this comes across as a warmer headphone at the default setting.” WF-1000X is available for $199.99, a pretty decent price on the TWS market.

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