Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires Audeze

In a surprising announcement from Sony’s Playstation division, they have apparently worked out an agreement to purchase Audeze. This company is known for its high-end headphones, such as the LCD-X, LCD-5, and MM-500. These headphones have garnered acclaim from many audiophiles, who hold the Audeze name in high regard. They also have a strong lineup of gaming headphones, including the recently launched Maxwell headphones for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

With its lauded planar technology, Audeze has brought its audiophile sensibilities to the gaming market, which might be a major reason for this acquisition. SIE might want to develop its current gaming headphone technology even further with the help of Audeze’s planar magnetic driver designs. Sony’s current Pulse headphones are already set to receive a new edition with planar drivers. Now we know that this is probably thanks to their new acquisition. It will be interesting to see how the new Pule Elite will use Audeze’s planar technology to enhance its sound, especially when implementing Tempest 3D Audio.

What Does This Mean For Audeze?

According to Sony’s official press release, Audeze will still be able to operate independently. Specific terms of the acquisition have not been stated by Audeze or Sony. This new deal will hopefully bring Audeze technology to a mass market, with availability being expanded to mainstream stores like Best Buy, however, specialty audio boutique spots might be negatively impacted.

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