Sony’s Playstation Earbuds Will Have Lossless Bluetooth

After Sony’s Playstation showcase on Wednesday, their new set of Bluetooth earbuds for the PS5 really caught out eye. With the announcement of their “Project Q” handheld device, these new true wireless earbuds were shown. Sony already has a pair of over-ear headphones with the PS5 in the Pulse 3D headset. It’s likely that these new wireless earbuds will have the same features that the Pulse 3D headphones already offer, like Tempest 3D audio for instance.

SIE, who is the team behind these new PS5 earbuds, are claiming that they will provide wireless technology capable of lossless audio resolution. Bluetooth earbuds today usually apply similar CODECs that squeeze the audio through certain formats. Some of these formats include AAC, SBC, aptX, and LDAC. All of these CODECs compress audio data, altering the original source. Some frequency information is left out, leaving you with a small digital picture of the sound. Lossless Bluetooth technology has yet to make waves, but according to SIE, they have done it with these new PS5 earbuds.

Unfortunately not much else is known about the PS5 true wireless earbuds or their lossless Bluetooth technology. We may learn more in the coming months, but for now, we can only speculate. We’ve been seeing new information about potential lossless coming to the Bluetooth market very recently. MQair has been discussed as a possible breakthrough, but issues with bandwidth might be a hurdle for it.

Why Lossless Audio Is Important For GamingĀ 

Gaming could actually be the best place for companies to test out lossless Bluetooth technology. Game audio has been freely high-fidelity for a while, especially with big console releases. Many gamers have moved to wired headphones in order to hear the best sound quality from their games. Hearing lossless sound effects and music will always enhance your experience with the right setup, and having that come to Bluetooth will only make that experience more accessible. Time will tell if it’s a success or not, but we’re still looking forward to seeing if the SIE team can make lossless Bluetooth happen.

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