SoundMAGIC HP151 Review, Over-Ear Headphones

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review

SoundMAGIC prides itself on bringing audiophiles affordable headphones with sound quality that rivals those doubling the price. So let’s find out if the aforementioned is true in our SoundMAGIC HP151 review.

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review, Over-Ear Headphones Review

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review- Fit/Feel

SoundMAGIC HP151 is a robust looking headphone. It appears quite large with its circular-shaped ear cups. These are big enough to fit probably any ear perfectly on the inside of the cups, however the ear cups are quite shallow, so those with ears that protrude outward . I’d like more clamp pressure from the bottom of the ear cups because I feel I’m not getting enough of a seal for sound isolation. The ear cups have the ability to swivel slightly left to right and a full 180 degrees up and down. The underbelly of the headband and the cushions on the ear cups are very comfortable. The padding is comprised of very cushion-y, plushy memory foam.

As far as the exterior goes, much of the headphone is of a hard-grade plastic-y material. It looks on the cheaper side, but feels like it can withstand everyday wear and tear.

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review – Features

These headphones are collapsible which is preferential for when you want to throw these in a bag and jet. On he other hand, the headphones include a 2.5m detachable cable with a proprietary tip. It fastens and unlocks quite smoothly. The cable, as I mentioned earlier, is 2.5m in length so it is quite long which is great for use in studio, but you’ll need to wrap it up if you plan on commuting or you’ll find yourself tripping over these cables. The extenders are comprised of metal and feature numbers to indicate each notch, it’s kind of fun.

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review – Sound

The sound is balanced and neutral and the overall feel is slightly airy. I prefer a more robust sound. The lows extend quite far and I love that, however I’d like a bit more robust thickness on the low end, but that’s because I prefer a warmer sound signature and this is purely reference. The mid-range is produced with a nice bit of clarity, however at times it’s positioned a little far back – practically behind the lows and highs. And while the highs display a nice degree of precision and clarity across treble and highs, the highs can sound a tad sibilant towards the highest of highs (female vocals, treble crashes and some synths).  This is somewhat pronounced by the far back positioning of the mids. To note, depending on the track, the positioning of the mids can be more or less apparent. It’s not a make it or break it for me, but I’d prefer a fuller sound in the mids. Overall, the sound signature is very neutral with precise and detailed cuts.

SoundMAGIC HP151 Review – Overall Performance

SoundMAGIC is indeed sonic magic. The overall fit is comfortable and the frame feels durable too. Overall, this headphone delivers quite clean and precise sound with clarity that really allows some of the finer elements of your music to sparkle. My only real vice is that the mids can sound slightly pushed back at times, but as I mentioned earlier, this isn’t always apparent. This headphone is $130 which I think is worth it.

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SoundMAGIC HP151 Review – Specs

Transducers: Dynamic, 53mm
Frequency range: 10Hz – 30kHz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 95dB
Max input power: 100mW
Cable length: 2.5m
Connector: 3.5mm straight gold-plated
Weight: 288g
Ear-Pad Dimensions: 55mm centre width, 105mm total width

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