Update: Meet Spendor D9 Speakers

Spendor D9 Speakers

Update: For those of you in the Colorado area, Bluebird Music and Fort Collins Audio will present Spendor D9 speakers at Rocky Mountain Fest taking place October 7-9, 2016.

They say it took 45 years to make and now it is finally here – a powerful, yet precise standing speaker. Meet Spendor D9 speakers.

Meet Spendor D9 Speakers

The Spendor D7 was met with raving reviews including¬†Stereophile’s Class A recommendation. That’s because the D7 delivered “an articulate, coherent and natural presentation, with a level of transparency never before heard in a conventional dynamic loudspeaker.”

Spendor speakers were initially designed for BBC engineers who needed to hear orchestral arrangements for radio playback and required the means to hear what part of the music each musician was playing.

The D9 stands at about 44.3 inches, which towers over the D7 at 34.7 inches. It also holds three new drive units developed specifically for the D9. The new mid-bass drive unit has an advanced EP77 polymer cone mid-range drive unit. It is housed in an enclosure that only processes the mid-range frequencies to eliminate mid-low frequency distortion. The two D9 low frequency drivers have ultra-rigid, two part bonded, lightweight Kevlar composite cone assemblies.

Each driver features cast magnesium alloy chassis, high efficiency motor systems, optimized electro-dynamic damping, and excellent thermal dissipation for wide dynamic range. New polymer surrounds with very stable molecular composition reduce driver ‘break-in’ time significantly.

Other features include a fifth generation Spendor linear flow, tapered twin-venturi port, Spendor LPZ tweeter, stabilizer units, and the ability to drive a low impedance of 8 ohms. This ensures the speakers deliver clear, and balanced playback over a frequency room response range of 27-25,000 Hertz.

Spendor loudspeakers are designed and hand built at the Spendor factory in Hailsham, Sussex in the UK.

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