Update: Pre-Order Now, Amidst Launch Westone W80, Pairs With ALO

Westone W80

Update 10/03/2016: The Westone W80 is here! You can now PRE-ORDER the premium-made earbuds fitted with 8 armature drivers, precise acoustic symmetry, stellar sound isolation, and ALO’s audio reference cable today! The W80’s reach a frequency response of 5-22,000 Hertz and are driven at an impedance of 5 ohms. They’ll ship with 5 pairs of foam tips and 5 pairs of silicone tips. The Westone W80 currently retails for $1499.99.

While we are all waiting for Westone W80 to arrive, it looks like Westone is partnering with cable manufacturer ALO Audio.

Amidst Launch Westone W80, Pairs With ALO

The highly-anticipated follow-up to the Westone W60 is said to be the W80 and based on the writings of company President and CEO Jason Lockwood, I think we can assume the next iteration of their premium grade in-ear monitors will employ ALO Audio technology.

“About to launch Westone Signature W80. Without a doubt, the most articulate and immersive soundstage for audiophiles around the world. Thrilled to partner with ALO,” Lockwood wrote on his Linkedin on September 20.

The ALO Reference Super 8 IEM cable will be accompanying the in-ear monitors and is constructed of 8 conductors of silver-plated copper & OCC metallurgy, jacketed in high grade FEP and fabricated using individual fiber cores in a round weave, to create a supple, soft, and flexible IEM cable with superior sound quality. Nice!

To date, the headphone company remains tight lipped on the details and specs surrounding the Westone W80. However, both ALO and Westone have dropped a tiny nugget of information via PR Newswire.

“Westone is excited to partner with ALO Audio to make the new Signature W the best sounding earphone available on the market. We are confident that you will not only enjoy what you hear, but that you will rediscover your music in the way the artist intended,” said Blake Gaiser, Director of Product and Marketing of Westone.

ALO’s Founder and CEO, Ken Ball, also advised, “The combination of Westone’s new Signature W earphone with the ALO Reference Super 8 IEM Westone Edition Cable provides a wider, deeper and a far more “holographic” presentation with improved dynamic range, increased micro details and enhanced black background than any other product on the market today.”

The Westone W80 is said to hit the market later this Fall.

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