SPL Announces Marc One And Control One

SPL has launched two more peripherals to close out 2020, the Marc One and Control One monitoring systems. Both models are set to feature optimal sound quality and innovative designs.

Marc One 

The volume levels can be adjusted at lightning speed with the Monitor knob. In the middle, all input signals are equally loud. To the left, the analog stereo inputs get louder, and the USB input signal gets quieter. Turning from the center to the right does the opposite. This is
very handy to quickly and intuitively set the right volume levels.

Three Monitoring Modes are offered by the Control One. In the middle is the default
setting “Stereo”. The mono compatibility can be checked when the switch is set to “Mono”.
The special feature is the channel swap function:

L/R > R/L reverses the stereo image. L/R becomes R/L. This is especially
important and extremely time-saving while searching a sound library for samples in video dubbing that should match the scene with the direction of movement. With the L/R > R/L function this is no longer necessary. The direction of movement can simply be swapped while prelistening samples in the library.

The Marc One works for both speakers and subwoofers. A production can be monitored via two switchable pairs of speakers. A subwoofer is also switched on and off with
speaker pair A. In the middle position of the switch, the speakers are switched
off, which is convenient because there is no need to turn
down the volume.

The USB connection is Class Compliant. This means that all Mac computers and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones can use the full performance bandwidth of the AD/DA converter
without driver installation. iOS devices require the camera adapter. For Windows, a driver is required.

Control One

Two analog stereo sources can be connected to the Control One such as a DA converter, CD player, mixing console, synthesizer, or analog tape machine/tape deck, which can also
be listened to mixed together (1+2).

The SPL Marc One will cost $543 and the Control One will cost $407.

They will be available at Audio 46.

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