SPL Announces Phonitor One And One d

There’s a variety of new Phonitor models coming from SPL. The Phonitor One and One d are the latest iterations of SPL’s headphone amps. Let’s take a look.

The SPL headphone amplifier Phonitor One allows high-quality monitoring of analog sources. Thanks to the Phonitor Matrix with Crossfeed control, you can create mixes that sound as if they were mixed on speakers. An analog volume controller, an aluminum front panel, and a high-end metal housing show that no compromises have been made in terms of quality.

The Phonitor One d also features an internal DA converter with top specifications. PCM signals up to 768 kHz/32Bit and Direct Stream Digital up to DSD4 playback leaves nothing to be desired. A balanced stereo line output predestines the Phonitor One d to use it as a stand-alone DAC.

The Phonitor One will cost you $339 while the One d will cost $475

The Phonitor One and One D will be available at Audio 46

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