Here’s How to Stop Losing Your iPhone 7 Adapter, Dongle Dangler

Dongle Dangler

You got the new iPhone 7, but you still have wired headphones. Apple was kind enough to throw in a jack adapter, but like everyone else, you lose it or leave it home. Bummer! But, there is a solution brought to you by Plexity Labs. Meet Dongle Dangler.

Here’s How to Stop Losing Your iPhone 7 Adapter, Dongle Dangler

This adapter key ring is a genius solution to one of the prime iPhone 7 issues. Dongle Dangler is designed as the perfect male insert for your aux jack adapter. It easily snaps onto the extension that you can then loop onto your keys. You’ll never lose your adapter again.

To be honest, the solution is so simple why didn’t I think of this? Regardless, the dangler is sure to keep iPhone 7 users in the wired headphones game.

Dongle Dangler

If you’re wondering about the specs, here they are.

Product Specs

  • Precision machined
  • Nickel plated 12mm key ring included
  • Lightweight (less than an 1 oz)
  • Patent Pending

Dongle Dangler ships worldwide and is currently available via Kickstarter and Orders placed right about now should arrive in time for the Christmas holiday in the U.S.

That being said, you can scoop up a Dongle Dangler for $5. There are discounted bundles for larger orders.

Stocking stuffers anyone?

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