Ultrasone Performance 820 Review

Ultrasone Performance 820 Review

When I first picked up a pair of Ultrasone headphones I didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard great things about the comfort and sound but had never really tried a pair out. Ultrasone, a German based company, was founded in 1991 and specializes in audio electronics. One of their biggest claims to fame is the development of a proprietary surround-sound technology for headphones called S-Logic. The Ultrasone Performance 820 is an entry-level headphone that uses the S-Logic technology so I decided to give it a listen and put it to the test.


When first putting on the Ultrasone Performance 820 headphones, the first thing I notice is how comfortable it is. This over-ear headphone model features incredibly soft cushioning earpads and headband. The memory foam lining feels more like a pillow than audio accessory which translates to longer listening sessions without headphone fatigue. The fit over the ears is good making a nice fit. The size adjustments work smoothly and stay well in place once adjusted. The Performance 820 comes with a locking gold plated 3.5mm wire with microphone, 1 button control and carrying bag for travel.


The sound of the Ultrasone Performance 820 is quite nice. I started of the listening session with my usual “Music For Headphones” playlist and the 40mm drivers definitely delivered a powerful punch. At first I thought the drivers might not be able to handle a decent volume but I was pleasantly surprised to find you could really drive the 820 and still get a full pristine sound. The low frequencies were pleasant and not too muddy and on the high end the sound was crisp and revealing. The overall sound of the 820 was great. Basically a flat frequency model with a small amount of boost in the sweet spots. The S-Logic was definitely in play as the soundstage of my music seemed to expand. The Ultrasone headphones are also supposed to reduce listener fatigue thanks to more efficient transducers and earcups though I didn’t use them long enough to be sure of this.


The Ultrasone Performance 820 is a quality closed-back headphone. And it lived up to the sound quality hype. The 820 would be well suited to be used as an everyday audiophile headphone as well as a solid mixing and referencing studio tool. It’s definitely worth checking out as a good entry-level HiFi headphone.

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Principle: dynamic, closed S-LogicĀ® Plus technology
Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver/Driver size: PET, 40mm
Magnet: NdFeB
Frequency range: 10 – 22000 Hz
SPL: 99 dB
Weight (excl. cord): 244g
One detachable cable: 1.2 m long with microphone and remote control and gold-plated 3.5 mm angled jack
Transport: transportation bag

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