Skybuds Audio In-Depth Review, Where to Demo & Buy

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Get ready to take your un-tethered, wireless experience to the next level with Skybuds Audio. The bite-size sleek looking ear buds ditch the additional hardware to give you a discreet and snug fit with a good amount of battery life.

Skybuds Audio In-Depth Review, Where to Demo & Buy



The buds are quite easy to use, but the initial set-up takes longer than I’d like. Granted, you only need to do this once and your buds are forever automatically paired with your phone upon removal from their portable charging case. Sweet! 

Skybuds Audio


So, you’ll remove the buds from the clear stand inside the box and follow the instructions on the first time set-up card. It explains how to properly wear the earpieces as well as turn them on. You’ll know when they have turned on since Skybuds feature the coolest sound effects, like what sounds similar to that of an air craft or spaceship. Loving it! A voice will then guide you through pairing the buds with your phone and app download. Please note, the buds also automatically pair to one another once they are within (what I am going to call) a head’s distance from one another.

Look & Feel

The buds are smaller than a lot of the other truly wireless buds I’ve sampled. The entire ear piece fits inside the conch of your ear while the the tips obviously position themselves in your ear canal. For the most part, the buds are comfy, though your ears may or may not feel a tad tired after 4 hours of straight listening since the outer hardware is of durable grade material. The tips are of your usual silicone make (sizes small, medium, and large) and exhibit pretty good passive noise cancellation thanks to the snug lock-and-fit seal.

Features (Charging, Controls, Etc.)

The buds, unlike Bragi Dash, have nixed the additional hardware in an effort to focus on what really matters in a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, sound and connectivity. That being said, produced on an output volume of around 75 percent, Skybuds will run for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The provided charging case holds an additional 24 hours of play time. To boot, the buds and charging case can be synced with your phone to accurately track how much charge they each hold.

Skybuds Audio

When it comes to controlling your music and calls, Skybuds are programmed to work with a single multifunction button. To answer a call, simply tap the multifunction button once and if you’d like to skip forward a track, tap the same button twice. At this time there aren’t any controls to skip back a track or adjust the volume. You’ll have to do that from your cell.


While the buds are sweat and water resistant, they lack a fitness coach, heart rate monitor, and all the other extras featured in its competitors. But that’s what edges these buds ahead of their competition. Skybuds focus on driving connectivity and maintain a slimmer frame. That being said, your music will continue to play even with your cell phone in your pocket. In addition, the audio is clear for the most part while making calls. I had my co-worker call me from the office while I stood outside and we were both able to hear and understand one another without any issues.

When it comes to your music, expect pretty good sounding audio – with a bass reach much more impressive than I had anticipated. It has depth and exhibits good control. It isn’t muddy and doesn’t cover the treble. Vocals are clear with detail while the mids are present. I’d like it to be a bit more lush, but that’s my taste.

Where to Demo & Buy

Skybuds are available in three different colors: Charcoal (black), Pearl (white), and Nimbus (silver). All are quite appealing to the eye and make great holiday gifts 🙂 They can be purchased  in New York City at Audio 46 Headphones Store where they are also available to demo before your buy. The truly wireless earbuds are also in Best Buy and Bluwire (located in airports). You’ll be able to demo skybuds in both Audio 46 and Bluwire, but not Best Buy.The buds retail for the same price at all retailers – normally $249.99, but are currently on a holiday special of $219.99. All purchases include a one-year limited warranty.

*Be advised, Skybuds are only on sale via Skybuds, Audio 46, Best Buy, and Bluwire. We’ve learned from Skybuds’ team any cheaper pairs on eBay aren’t legitimate.

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