Strauss & Wagner Albi Review

Strauss & Wagner Albi with Sennheiser IE900

Sennheiser’s IE series is renowned for its exceptional sound quality across various price ranges. However, there’s always room for improvement, whether through upgrade cables like the Strauss & Wagner Linz or the new Strauss & Wagner Albi. The Albi is a Sennheiser IE MMCX-compatible Bluetooth connector that transforms your high-performing IEMs into wireless ones effortlessly. Its primary goal is to offer greater convenience for listeners on the go without compromising sound quality. But does the Albi deliver? Let’s dive in to find out.

Strauss & Wagner Albi neckband

What’s in the Box:

  • Strauss & Wagner Albi cable
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

Build Quality

The Albi’s build is straightforward, prioritizing simplicity for a wireless device. The adapter features a robust cable with a DAC section and control bar in the middle, and gold-plated Sennheiser IE compatible MMCX connectors at each end. The cable is designed to be thin at the ends for a comfortable over-ear fit, while the neckband portion is thicker to enhance comfort and stability.

Overall, the build quality of the Albi is impressive. Despite initial concerns about the neckband’s bulkiness, it proved to be lightweight and comfortable. I was able to walk around with the IE900 in my ears without them falling out or causing any distraction.

Strauss & Wagner Albi DAC and remote

Design Features

The Albi integrates Bluetooth 5.2 and the 3015 chipset, ensuring a robust and efficient connection. Bluetooth 5.2 offers improved speed, range, and stability, making it ideal for wireless audio transmission. The 3015 DAC chipset not only accurately reproduces audio but also enhances it. Additionally, the Albi is aptX compatible, delivering high-fidelity audio that captures every nuance and detail of your music, rivaling wired setups.


Battery life is a crucial aspect of the Albi, offering 13-15 hours of listening time. You can check the battery status on your device, whether it’s an Android, iPhone, DAP, or another device.

The right side of the device features a control for volume, play/pause, and skip/reverse functions. There are three buttons: the middle button powers the device on and off and enters pairing mode, the minus button lowers the volume and reverses the track, and the plus button raises the volume and skips the track. This simple yet effective setup makes the Albi easy to use. The large, tactile buttons are a significant improvement over the stock cable that comes with the IE series IEMs, which lack these controls.

Strauss & Wagner Albi with Sennheiser IE 900

Sound Impressions

The Albi offers a transparent sound, meaning it doesn’t alter the sound profile of your IE series IEMs significantly. However, the built-in DAC provides subtle enhancements, particularly in the bass region, where the sound becomes stronger and more engaging. The mids remain smooth and clean, preserving the superb midrange of the IE900. The treble response is also transparent, with minimal loss of detail despite the inherent limitations of Bluetooth audio.

Final Thoughts

When seeking a wireless adapter for your wired IEMs or headphones, functionality and sound quality are paramount. The Albi excels in both areas, maintaining the high fidelity of Sennheiser’s IEMs while maximizing portability and convenience. If you’re looking to make your earbuds fully portable without sacrificing sound quality, the Strauss & Wagner Albi is highly recommended.

The Strauss & Wagner Albi is available at Audio46.


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