Strauss & Wagner Black Friday Special Releases

Strauss & Wagner SW-SPW301 Review faceplate detail

Strauss & Wagner is getting on the Black Friday bandwagon with a series of deals throughout their product line. Now’s the time to save money on a variety of products from noise cancelling headphones to a pair of workout earbuds.

Strauss & Wagner Sound Isolating Earbuds


The Strauss & Wagner SI201 is already a great deal. They provide a quality far above their normal $49.95 price range. Now additionally discounted to the price of $39.95, this is an opportune time to grab this excellent pair.

Strauss & Wagner Noise Cancelling Headphones


If you just can’t get time to listen to music without interruptions, its time to get rid of the interruptions. The ANCBT501 headphone’s offer top of the line noise cancelling technology, now for only $99.95 instead of their typical $129.95

Strauss & Wagner Sports Wireless Earbuds


Wires getting you down and tangled up? Free your ears with the SW-SPW301. These well built and quality earbuds have had their price lowered to $39.95 from $49.95.

Strauss & Wagner EM205 Earbuds


This final deal is an absolute must buy. The EM205 earbuds have a sound quality that competes with some of the biggest names of the industry with a fraction of the price tag. Normally $39.95 you can snag a pair of these for $29.95.

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