Coumi ANC-860 Review

ANC-860 in pod

Another day, another bluetooth earbud on my desk. Today it’s the Coumi ANC-860. That ANC stands for, you guessed it, Active Noise Cancellation. This is the primary feature for these buds but when it comes to functional, these check all the boxes. For the price of $59.99 these earbuds seek to do it all.

What You Get

As is typical these days, you get your earbuds, charging pod and cable, and a pair of three rubber eartips to make sure you get that perfect fit. There’s some proper documentation so you can learn the ins and outs of controlling your new ANC-860 and a twelve-month warranty card that has an option for an eighteen-month extension for a total of thirty months. 

Look and Feel

These are a modest pair of earbuds despite their relatively bulky size. Committing to neither your standard oval or block shape, the black and gray ANC-860 features an oval earbud mounted on to a block with a control pad. They don’t seem to fit snugly into the folds of your ears and while I couldn’t shake them out, I’m not confident in their ability to remain in place. But at least they are quite comfortable, especially with the modular ear tips. The charging pod is a particularly classy one with a removable leather knot that allows attachment to a keychain.

ANC-860 in box

Design and Functionality

The ANC-860 is a feature laden pair of buds. The first and foremost is obviously the noise cancellation feature. It’s not the most powerful noise cancellation I’ve come across but it significantly reduces room sound without any impact on sound quality. The six microphones they use to implement the ANC also come into play during phone calls and ensure a crystal clear quality for calls. Alongside the noise cancellation feature, there is an ambient mode that allows outside noise to come through, an important feature if you like to use your earbuds in day to day life. If the ambient feature isn’t enough for you, they feature a solo earbud mode. While this is a pretty common feature, I find that most of the time you’re limited to one earbud to use this way. I greatly appreciate that the ANC-860 allows you to use either. To top this all off they have a waterproof rating of ixp7 meaning they can more than handle any rain or sweat. Controlling all of this is smooth with the touchpad surface that still leaves enough room to adjust the fit without accidentally issuing a command.


The Bluetooth chipset for the ANC-860 is a fully modern Bluetooth 5 and supports standard codecs. The signal range is about 30-40 feet.

Battery life

The ANC-860 features a fairly impressive playtime. Using the ANC feature you will get five hours out of a single charge, with twenty-five more hours in the charging pod. That grand total of 30 hours can be further extended if you don’t care much about using the noise cancellation. Without that battery-draining feature, the total playtime runs to 41 hours. 



The sound quality you get from a pair of earbuds varies quite a lot at the sixty dollar price range. The ANC-860 falls firmly in the middle of the pack. There’s nothing exemplary about it but they provide a serviceable and balanced sound with no glaring flaws.


The ANC-860 boasts 12.5mm drivers, a bit larger than many earbuds. This shows in the low end where basses and kicks have a light boom that is often missing from smaller drivers. That said, this isn’t a pair for bass heads. The low end is present and distinct but doesn’t dominate the sound.


These are a warm pair of earbuds. The mids dominate the mix giving the mix plenty of articulation without mud.


The highs contribute to the overall warm sound by not contributing very much. They are there and present but without a sense of brightness or shimmer. 


The Coumi ANC-860 is a feature-laden pair of earbuds with great sound quality. An audiophile may turn their nose up in favor of other brands. However, if you’re trying to find the most convenient and flexible pair of earbuds for less than a hundred these are a strong contender.

Find the Coumi ANC-860 on the Amazon Marketplace.

$28.99 (50% OFF) with multi-used code LYRAT7J3 and coupon
Original Price: $57.99
Start Date: 11/03/2020 00:00 AM
Expire Date: 12/31/2020 23:59 PM

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