Dudios T8 True Wireless Earbud Review

Dudios T8 side shot

The MajorHifi staff has come across yet another true wireless headphone to pass judgement on. Standing before us today is the Dudios T8 True Wireless Earbuds, another offering from the plethora of Chinese tech companies, this company stands out as one that is singularly focused on bluetooth headphones and audio products. Of their many offerings the T8 stands in the middle of the pack. Let’s see if these buds have anything going for them besides affordability.

What You Get

As one would expect, the T8 buds come along with a charging pod and cable, and one alternate pair of tips. There’s a manual with instructions for set up and issuing commands.

Look and Feel

The T8’s are built around the more traditional oval design. I usually find these to have a less stable fit, but with the addition of a stem, they feel locked in enough for everyday wear. The modular tips ensure a level of comfort we have all come to expect from earbuds. They are a simple matte black with no eye popping features.

Dudios T8 with pod

Design and Functionality

The control surface is limited to the body of the buds, which, in conjunction with the stems, makes these quite easy to adjust and control. The touch controls are super responsive to the touch and have a full set of commands such as play/pause, volume, and phone call commands. Normally a very responsive touch surface can make a pair of earbuds hard to adjust but the stems allow you to easily alter the T8’s position without accidentally issuing any commands. They have an impressive ipx7 waterproof rating so I wouldn’t worry about getting these things wet. Finally, a small feature that tickles my fancy, is the implementation of solo mode. A lot of earbuds on the market limit solo mode to either the left or right ear but the T8 has no designated master bud, allowing you to pick whichever ear you will when you want to hear your environment. Perhaps it’s a small feature but I like not having to remember which ear works solo.


The T8 comes with a fully modern Bluetooth 5 chipset, giving it compatibility with the standard codecs. They’re not audiophile buds but are functional within a range of 25-30 feet.

Battery life

Dudios delivers a sizeable battery life for the price range. The buds will last 5.5 hours on a single charge and the pod carries an additional 30 hours of charge. 


These are earbuds we’re talking about so the stereo field is quite thin. Despite this they offer quite a lot of detail and even with their strong mid-range, they have an overall bright sound that doesn’t get muddy.


These are not a pair of earbuds that thump. The low end is very modest, and instead, the focus seems to be on the low mids. Bass guitars have growl and definition, kick drums have punch, but there is no big boom in the low end. 


The T8 really shines in its mid range, having a strong and defined sound throughout the mid range spectrum. Instruments don’t lack anybody through these buds. 


The highs are bright and crisp without any excessive harshness. The T8 keeps a well defined and airy sound that is pleasant to listen to.


The Dudios T8 might be the low priced bud of choice for those seeking a brighter pair of earbuds. Most pairs that I’ve listened to in this price range tend for a scooped sound with a strong (and often flabby bass) that dominates the mix. While that may be a good formula for working out, it’s not ideal for most mixes. The T8’s provide an alternative to that which might be appreciated by certain parties. 

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