Strauss & Wagner Ennis Review

Top view of the Strauss & Wagner Ennis cable

It’s no secret that we’ve been fans of Strauss & Wagner’s headphones and cables for quite some time. The audio brand has created cables that improve ergonomics, functionality, and sound quality. Today we’re taking a look at the Ennis 4-pin XLR to 4.4mm female balanced extension cable. This cable looks to make a more convenient experience for listeners who want to move around while listening to music. In this review we’ll break down the performance of the Ennis to determine if it’s worth the $199 asking price. 

What’s in the box:

  • Ennis cable

Strauss & Wagner Ennis 4.4mm female connector


I think it’s safe to say that functionality is a major piece to consider with this product. The use case of this product is for listeners in bigger spaces who want to move around while plugged in. Of course, most high end headphones are not wireless, and even if they were, that would negate the purpose of a high end audio setup. The beauty of the Ennis is that it’s a fully balanced cable that stretches up to 12 feet in length. 

It’s a fair question to wonder why being balanced matters here. Well, to stretch out a cable this long without picking up much interference noise, a balanced design is required. On top of that, many headphones benefit from balanced DACs and amps because they’re more efficient with power. So using a longer single ended cable or wireless headphones is simply not an option.

This is the genius of a 12 foot balanced extension cable. In my experience with the cable, I was able to move around freely at a good distance away from the connected headphone amplifier without picking up any interference noise or distortion of any kind. Testing this out with the Meze Liric II and its supplied 4.4mm cable, I noticed that the connectors locked in securely and neatly. 

The goal here is simple enough and the execution is really great. It’s hard to think of anything wrong with the cable. The only thing I can think of is that the color difference between the original cable and the Ennis is a little glaring. But that’s really not a big deal at all. Different headphone cables will present different experiences here, and one can always get a matching cable from Strauss & Wagner like the recently discussed Sion, which is great for IEMs. 

Strauss & Wagner Ennis 4-pin XLR connector

Sound Impressions

I’ll keep my sound impressions simple because the Ennis really has one major goal. Extend the distance of your listening setup without adding color to the cable it’s extending. And at that, the Ennis is perfect. Listening with the Liric II and Hifiman EF499, I noticed no additional coloration to the sound supplied by Meze’s stock cable. 

Overall, the sound is completely transparent. Bass notes stayed well controlled and deep, mids were neutral warm, and the top end was airy and crisp. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because that’s how we describe the sound of the Liric II with its stock cable in our review


All told, the Strauss & Wagner Ennis is a simple product with a simple goal: extend the movable distance between the listener and their source device without changing the sound signature of the original device/cable. As a simple converter, this cable works great. I was able to use the stock 4.4mm Liric II cable with a 4-pin XLR input on the EF499 with ease. If you’re the type to move around while listening, perhaps to exercise, work, or even dance along to music, then this cable is worthy of your consideration.

The Strauss & Wagner Ennis is available at Audio46.

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