The Best Audiophile IEMs With Bone Conduction 2024

There are a lot of bone conductor earphones on the market usually meant for sports. However, bone conduction drivers are also prominent in some audiophile IEMs too, intended to add special properties to bass reproduction. Bone conductor transducers usually use the vibrations from your skull to amplify bass frequencies better than dynamic and planar drivers can. Most of the IEMs that use these transducers are relegated to the high-end market, so most of these selections will cost quite a pretty penny.

Empire Ears Odin

One of the first IEMs I heard about to use bone conductor drivers happens to be one of my favorites. The Empire Ears Odin uses its bone conduction transducer to establish a strong foundation of sub-bass tone. On top of that is a level of musicality that is hard to match, with striking details and a soundstage that operates at a scale most IEMs can’t replicate.

Empire Ears Raven 

There are a lot of similarities between the Empire Ears Odin and Raven. One of the most notable differences is the depth of the bass. I love the Odin for its vibrating pool of low-end frequencies, but the Raven can use its bone-conduction transducer to communicate the bass more dynamically. So, you get the texture and rumble of the Odin, but with more articulation. Other sound elements of the sound signature like the soundstage and midrange warmth are also major highlights.

Noble Audio Kublai Khan 

If you want your head to be completely encapsulated by gravelly sub-bass, then you’ll love the Noble Audio Kublai Khan. These IEMs use their bone conduction drivers to reproduce this list’s fullest and loudest sub-bass response. It’s quite jarring how effortlessly it blares its incredibly thick tone, but it does so with grace. This is a very dark timbre, but it doesn’t distract from the level of fidelity the Kublai Khan can exhibit.

Kinera Imperial Loki 

Like the Kublai Khan, the Kinera Imperial Loki is super dark. It has one of the most thumpy and fun bass responses you’ll find over IEMs. Everything in the low end comes through with great flavor, all enacted by the meaty response that vibrates through the bone conductor drivers. It’s a response you can feel coming up your throat and resonating through your jaw.

Noble Audio Onyx

The Noble Audio Onyx is the most recent IEM released with bone conductors. It features one of the most controlled and detailed bass responses to use these transducers. It might not be the most fun or rumbly tone but it’s certainly the clearest. With its more subtle sub-bass vibrations, the Onyx can articulate a lot more transparent frequencies. The Onyx can reveal very natural rhythms, with separations that reveal a consistent shape. If you’re okay with the more subdued rumble, then the Onyx might be your best bet.

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