The Shure MV7+ Is The Newest Tool For Content Creators

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, watch a lot of streamers or any online video maker, chances are there’s a Shure microphone involved. Their mics are easy to recognize and have been a great recording tool for many content creators across the globe. Shure is a reliable name whether you’re a small-budget artist or an industry professional.

The original MV7 microphone was meant to be a less expensive option for their famous SM7B. Now that model is getting an upgrade, with a sleeker design and new features thanks to software upgrades. Some of these upgrades include voice isolation technology and a new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine that supplies even more helpful recording tools.

Innovative Onboard DSP Engine

The Auto-Level mode has been improved to adapt the microphone’s gain based on the distance, volume, and room dynamics. This adds a great way to ensure your levels are balanced without constantly needing to make adjustments. In addition to that, there’s a Digital Popper Stopper that automatically removes plosives. It also helps shrink the mic’s pop filter’s size for a better camera look. Lastly, the DSP allows you to cycle through a few onboard reverb settings and adds a Real-Time Denoiser that helps reduce background noise. If you don’t have other noise-reduction tools like the Izotope RX suite available, then the MX7+ could be a great alternative.

MOTIV MIX Deskeop App

Downloading the free MOTIV Mix™desktop app is a must for configuring the MV7+. In it, you will find the latest MOTIV software interface, where you’ll be able to control multi-track recording and routing. Using the MOTIV desktop app with the MV7+ will help you take more control over your recordings and streams. The MV7+ also lets you customize the LED panels through the app.

You can purchase the Shure MV7+ in black now for $279. There will also be a white version coming this summer. At the same time, a bundle will be made available that will include the microphone and a Gator mic stand for $299. Look for the MV7+ on Shure’s website here.

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