Topping Launches A50s Headphone Amp

Topping, known for their headphone amps and DACs, has released its latest product, the A50. The A50 is a high-resolution headphone amplifier to act as the perfect desktop companion.

The A50 will provide ample output power from your laptop to your headphones, with 2200mW and 0dB/9dB optional gain you can easily drive a variety of cans with no hassle.

This fully balanced amplifier supports both single-end and balanced headphones. You have 3 sets of output options, with 6.35mm, 3.5mm, and 2.5mm balance. No connectors needed!

RCA ins and outs automatically connect after powering off, causing bypass from the input signal to output. A great match for power amplifiers and active speakers, and a good combination with Topping’s D50 and D50s.

When no headphones are plugged in, the A50 automatically becomes a pre-amplifier, with impedance as low as 20 Ohms.

Topping wants to deliver high performance, continuous power with the A50. They’ve opted to use an instrument level, low noise linear regulator for a clean signal production.

The Topping A50 is available at Audio 46

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