Ultra Portable ITM05 Amp/Dac Announced by IKKO

ikko T5 headphone amp dac

IKKO is a Chinese company still cutting their teeth in the audiophile world. They have 2 well-received, sub $200 priced IEMs under their belt (check out our review of the OH-1) as well as the Zerda, a lightning-connected mini DAC.

But now they’re throwing another DAC into the mix, even smaller than the Zerda. It’s the ITM05, and it keeps an incredibly slim profile while clipped to the back of your phone.

IKKO T5 portable headphone dac amp


IKKO’s press release (which you can check out on their strangely pretty website), says the ITM05 uses two CS43198 DAC chips, and has a distortion rating of only 0.0008%.

IKKO T5 portable headphone dac amp inputs and outputs

The market for portable USB-style DACs and amps has been growing in recent years, but the ITM05 looks to be the smallest one yet.

It weighs only 30 grams (comparable to a AAA battery), and features USB-C and Lightning support, and both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs.

IKKO T5 headphone DAC amp pocket sized

It seems the working title was the IKKO T5 Music Patch (cute), but the IndieGogo page calls it the ITM05, and is set to go live this January.

I for one am excited about this. USB-style DACs are well and good, but attaching the DAC directly to the back of your phone is even better for portability. Bring it on, IKKO.

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