Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones Review

The unique sound of the Ultrasone Signature series is back again with the Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones. They’re made specifically for DJs so I’m curious. Do they sound good enough and are they durable enough to withstand the rigorous activity of a DJ? Today I’ll try to find out with this Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones review.

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones Review

In the Box

-Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones

-protective carrying case

-1.2 m straight cable with 3.5 mm jack

-3 m spiral cable with 6.3 mm jack

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones In the Box


-Principle: dynamic, closed

-S-Logic® Plus technology

-MU-Metal shielding – ULE technology

-Impedance: 32 ohms

-Driver/Size: Mylar, 50 mm

-Magnet: NdFeB

-Frequency range: 5 – 30.000 Hz

-SPL: 115 dB

-Weight (excl. cable): 290 g

-5-years guarantee

-Handmade in Germany



Although the headband of the Ultrasone Signature DXP is made mostly of plastic, it feels thick and durable

It has big, thick, and firm padding along the underside for head cushion, providing comfort. It is not super flexible, but is enough to where I think it’d fit most folks’ heads. Additionally, the yolks are ball joints that seem particularly durable and strong. As a result, earcups can pivot outward.

Buy Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones Headband


The earcups of the Ultrasone Signature DXP have sort of an old school look to them. Like the headband, the earcups are made of plastic. As a result the headphones are lighter that they would otherwise given their heftiness.

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones Earcups


The Ultrasone Signature DXP’s earpads are sort of firm, so they’re not super comfortable. However they are a good size and feel more utilitarian than anything. They’re coated in a thick pleather so it seems they’d last for a long time. Additionally, they feel pretty sweat proof, which makes them great for DJing and gigging with.

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones Earpads


The Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones come with two cables: one straight cable and one curly cable. The straight cable is super manageable, although pretty thick compared to other brands perhaps. The curly cable is pretty manageable as well because the curly part is surrounded by lengths of straight cable. As a result it is easy control and maintain. Both feel very durable!

Ultrasone Signature DXP Headphones cables


Low Frequencies

The low frequencies of the Ultrasone Signature DXP are thick. The lows sound subby and emphasized. As a result, bass guitars and kick drums sound strong and sustained. As a result, the low frequencies sound the best with synthesized instruments like those in hip-hop, pop, electronic, and EDM.

Mid Frequencies

The midrange of the Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones have a nice sense of soundstage because they are accurately placed in the stereo field. The mids have a lot of space although the bigness of the lows sometimes step on the low-mids. Synths sound big and the headphones are very reactive to them. Additionally, vocals sound as they should in the mix. They are not to loud, not too quiet, not to thick and not to thin. The high mids feel a little scooped which makes the headphones work better for synthesized instruments rather than acoustic instruments. However, there is also a lot of space for reverbs and room sounds.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies of the Ultrasone Signature DXP headphones are not particularly emphasized. There seems to be a dip somewhere in the highs, maybe somewhere around 8 kHz. As a result bright acoustic instruments don’t quite have the detail the need. On the other hand, synthesized instruments work much better.


The soundstage of the Ultrasone Signature DXP is nice. The left to right mix feels very balanced and as a result, things are placed accurately from left to right. As a result, the headphones create a lot of spaciousness. Additionally the headphones have a decent sense of depth as well! However, the headphones don’t sound particularly tall.


In conclusion, the Ultrasone Signature DXP are a great, sturdy pair of DJ headphones.

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