New Release: Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones

Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones

There’s a new minimal headphone in town and it’s boasting wireless capability. Meet Urbanista Seattle Wireless headphones.

New Release: Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones

These cans exhibit sleek, yet simple Scandinavian style. The Urbanista Seattle Wireless, like other Urbanista headphone models, are a monochrome make. The over-ear cans are void of any large logos and feature a smooth, pristine-looking exterior. The extenders are a polished hinge that is just as minimal.

When it comes to wireless functions, these headphones are able to affordably offer some of the best in practical controls. The ear cup is designed to understand smart swipe gestures for controlling your music. Since these are wireless cans, one of the ear cups feature a built-in microphone for taking calls. A detachable cable is included for when you feel like plugging yourself in. Also, both ear cups have an aux port, so feel free to daisy-chain with your friends.

When it comes to audio, expect “crisp sound and impressive bass” that’ll make for “an extraordinary listening experience,” as described by Urbanista. That being said, the Urbanista will provide up to 12 hours of wireless use over Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The 40 mm drivers work to provide crisp audio over a frequency response range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz on an impedance of 26 ohms.

It sounds as if these headphones are a seriously good buy for the look, feel, and make, especially at a price of approximately $103.09 USD. Snag your Urbanista Seattle Wireless headphones in either Fluffy Cloud (white), Blue Petroleum, Dark Clown (black), and Rose Gold on

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