New Release: Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro

Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro UE 18+Pro

Ultimate Ears is back with an optimized version of their popular Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro. Meet it’s more refined brother Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro.

New Release: Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro

More Refined Than Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro Monitors

The 18 Plus Pro edition is modeled like that of the UE 18. It retains the stellar sonic characteristics associated with the award-winning model, but has been fined tuned with Ultimate Ears’ proprietary precision True Tone drivers. These drivers are said to help the wearer “feel upper register harmonics, hear improved presence, and enjoy clear warm sound,” writes Ultimate Ears.

Here’s how it all works. The True Tone technology consists of 6 proprietary balanced armatures divided into 4 frequency bands. These bands are a 4-way mixed crossover designed to separate electrical load on each individual balanced armature. This act as filters which lead to patented triple bore sound channels that keep the lows, mids, and highs separate until they interact with your eardrum. This equates to rich, balanced, open, and pristine audio that “uncover[s] even more detail, [adds] clearer dynamic extension, and better instrumental separation than their UE 18 predecessors,” as described by Digital Trends.

That’s why these in-ear monitors have been used by some of the most talented artists in the music industry including Seal, Toni Braxton, Kanye West, and so many more!

This new technology has been able to extend the higher frequency range by 3kHz, which sound pretty impressive to me! That being said, Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro the Plus edition reaches a frequency response range of 5 to 22,000 Hertz and operates on an impedance of 37.5 ohms.

If you are wondering about the fit, the buds are custom designed for YOU, so they should feel perfect. You also get to personalize the buds so the aesthetics match you just like the mold. You can choose the color, the type of cable, and whether you’d like the case engraved.

All of that will run you a nice $1500. The UE 18+ Pros are available for purchase at

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