V-Moda and Roland Join Forces on #808Day

This past year we have already seen a number of headphone collaborations and acquisitions. After Skullcandy teamed up with Incipio you got to wonder what’s next. Looks like it’s V-Moda and Roland ‘s moment.

V-Moda and Roland Join Forces on #808Day

The maker of the celebrated Crossfade M-100 headphones has joined forces with Roland, a maker of musical instruments and audio equipment. The merger, which is not an acquisition as told to CNET by V-Moda CEO Val Kolton, will provide V-Moda with the resources to accelerate product development, push the boundaries of audio innovation, and reach a global audience of music aficionados.

Kolton, who founded the company 12 years ago, will remain as CEO with a 51 percent ownership stake. He will also provide his expertise in product design for Roland’s dance, DJ and electronic music division as a consultant.

Speaking on the merger Kolton said, “This partnership is not strictly a business deal; it’s a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of our products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland.”

Roland has been around since 1972, so that move makes total sense.

Mr. Jun-ichi Miki, CEO of Roland, said, “We’re pleased V-Moda has joined the Roland family of brands. V-Moda revolutionized headphones and has pushed the envelope of personalization. This new team and the audience that the products are going to attract will definitely inspire the future of music.”

The remaining details of the merger are confidential. However, CNET was told “there will be more headphones. And we’ll be getting into some other categories.”

“And we’ll be getting into some other categories. But we’re going to do them a little differently. It’s going to be interesting. I can promise you that,” Kolton added.

Some items between the V-Moda and Roland merger are said to hit the market in the coming months.

Who else is excited?

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