Volant Headphones Are Three-In-One

Wow, these headphones feature in-ear monitors, over-ear headphones, and a wireless Bluetooth headset that is both sturdy and sleek in one unit. Meet Volant.

Volant Headphones Are Three-In-One

Named after a word meaning to glide, these headphones are designed (both aesthetically and functionally) to “glide” seamlessly into your life – giving users the versatility of in-ear buds, the comfort of over-ear headsets, and the freedom of a wireless unit.

Volant Headphones

The in-ear model is designed with ultra comfort foam tips (small, medium, and large) to ensure a great fit for all users. The attached cable is fashioned to be tangle-free. It includes an in-line mic and controller with extra support at the cable split and 3.5mm jack. When switching to an over-ear design, simply slide-up the plastic ear covers revealing a port for the buds. Using a patent-pending mechanism via connection plates on the bottom of the buds, the audio signal is seamlessly carried over to the 40mm speakers in the larger headset.

The over-ear model is fashioned with plush leather ear cups stuffed with memory foam – perfect for extended use and passive sound isolation. The extenders are aluminum and connected to the ultraflex comfort headband. Crafted as the first headphones to use a sliding wing design. This allows for the headset to hide its wireless controls will maintaining a sleek exterior.

As a wireless model, the headphones use Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX codec to maintain a clear connection over 33 feet. The Lithium ion battery can maintain up to 10 hours of use on a single charge of only two hours. A  full day’s use with very low charging time is quite impressive.

Volant Headphones

In partnering with Therefore Design, Volant Sound is able to promise a polished product in both style and sound. The London-based design company has 20 years experience presenting top audio products.

That being said, Volant uses 6mm drivers to reach a frequency response between 20 – 20,000 Hertz in the in-ear model, while 40mm drivers are used to reach the same frequency response range in the over-ear headset.

Volant is available via Kickstarter until August 4. Early backers can purchase the London-based headphones for about $200 USD until the crowd sourcing campaign is over. Volant is expected to retail for about $318 USD. It will ship worldwide in March 2017.

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