Meet PUMP Pure Headphones

These headphones are little, lightweight, on-ear pieces of audio joy. Meet PUMP Pure.

PUMP Pure Headphones

The headphones, cables, and instruction manual arrive in an orange and black box nestled in a plastic mold. Within the small black box is a quarter inch adapter and your detachable cable with an in-line microphone – no controller though!

PUMP Pure Headphones

Anyway, the headphones showcase a simple black-on-black design with “PUMP Audio” printed atop the black┬áspin hair line surface on the ear cups. The ear cushions are made of soft leather and feel like they are stuffed with a little memory foam to take shape to your ears. The headband is made of a flexible rubber material that is also very light on the head. The extenders are aluminum-like material. Overall, the headphones are pretty comfortable. I’ve been sporting the on-ear design for about four hours (with glasses) and one of my ears is barely starting to feel something. It’s not necessarily an ache, just my ears realizing there are headphones present.

PUMP Pure Headphones

Sound-wise, PUMP Pure is great across the entire spectrum of 16 – 24,000 Hertz while employing 40mm drivers.┬áThe bass line has some oomph to it, which I like. It isn’t overpowering where you’d lose the treble or other features of your music. The bass is clear but at some moments a bit blunt and not very natural. However, I’d say overall the bass is good. The mids and highs really resonate through these on-ear cans. High-pitched vocals are clear and lush, while glittering synths are present without sounding shrill at higher volumes. Snare kicks and treble claps are heard well through deep bass lines. Honestly, I’m taken aback by the overall clarity and depth of these headphones.

PUMP Pure headphones are available for $169 online. All PUMP headphones ship with a one-year warranty that can be upgraded for free to a five-year when registered online.

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