Beyerdynamic IDX 200 IE

The Beyerdynamic IDX 200 IE is a new earphone building on the successes of the IDX 120 and 160 models. While offering a cleaner sound and better build than either of its predecessors, how does this $199 earphone stack up to the competition?

Beyerdynamic IDX 200 IE

Beyerdynamic IDX 200 IE

Featuring all-metal earpieces, and a flat, tangle-free cable, the IDX 200’s build quality seems top-notch.  Whereas the IDX 160 IE was plagued with some issues regarding the cable connection, the IDX 200 IE may reduce those issues to a thing of the past.  Our review sample, at least, showed no signs of a bad connection.

Comfort-wise, the inclusion of different tips, as well as the small, bullet-shaped design of the earpiece, makes these a breeze to wear – even for longer listening sessions.


Transmission type: Wired
Headphone design (operating principle): Closed
Headphone impedance: 35 ohms
Headphone frequency response: 10 – 27,000
Nominal sound pressure level: 106
Remote: 3-button Apple remote
Construction: In-ear headphones
TRRS standard: CTIA (adapter cable for OMTP included)

The specs shed light on an in-ear headphone with a low nominal impedance, a fairly wide frequency range, and decent volume.

Low End

The low end on the IDX 200 is deep, with surprisingly good definition.  There’s minimal impact with the bass, leading to a little less “wow,” but there’s also some good control there, so the sound doesn’t bleed, and low-frequency vocals remain crisp and distinct against the backing music.


Thanks to some next-level accuracy in the midrange, the sound here is one marked by good instrumentation.  Vocals, too, are smooth and detailed.

High End

Bright and somewhat piercing on higher highs, the high end can sound a little lackluster at times.  Female vocals sound okay pretty much all of the time, but strings can verge on unpleasant, while some finer details may be missing altogether.


The soundstage on the IDX 200 features some placement but not much depth.  As such, lots of instruments playing at once can sound two-dimensional.  They won’t be anyone’s first choice for classical music, but they could still prove more than adequate for other genres.

Overall Impressions

Not to expensive but not too cheap, the IDX 200 IE from Beyerdynamic offers some decent detail and a good low end.  While the highs and soundstage aren’t what they could be, we’re willing to accept these faults in light of the headphone’s other strengths.  It’s not a great earphone for everything, but it’s still going to be a pretty awesome earphone for some things.


Should you buy this earphone?  If you like bass – especially bass quality over quantity – this may be an ideal headphone for you.  Or if you prefer a detailed sound that leans a little warm, these may be worth some consideration.  However, if you’re after something with a good high end and lots of soundstage, move along – these aren’t the earphones you’re looking for.

Beyerdynamic iDX 200IE is available at the lowest price on Audio 46 when you use discount code “majorhifi” during checkout. These buds also retail for a competitive price on Amazon.


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