Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable Review

Westone Bluetooth Cable V2 Review

Westone – the Levi’s of Earphones, an American Original, and fine purveyor of IEMs – has just graced my review desk with the brand-spanking new Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable.  Priced at $149, this new Bluetooth cable goes toe-to-toe with the Shure BT2.  Using the same near-universal MMCX standard, the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable offers a whopping 12 hours.  But just like Highlander, there can be only one.  Is this the Bluetooth Cable whose coming was foretold?

Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable Review

Westone Bluetooth Cable V2 Review

The Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable comes in a box similar to the orginal Westone Bluetooth Cable.  Also included is a micro-USB charging cable and a docking station.

Touting Bluetooth 5 and support for aptX HD, the new cable promises to be cleaner and more articulate than its predecessor and its competition.

And, despite these improvements in technology, the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable still sports a similar build and weight to the original.  By far, the biggest difference in design has to be the inclusion of electrical contacts on the battery housing, allowing the cable to rest in the supplied charging cradle.

This feature also extends the battery life from a fairly standard 6-8 hours to an impressive 12 hours of playtime.

Added to this, a more resilient build includes IPX5 water-resistance rating.  Thus ensuring dust, water, and sweat don’t get in the way of your listening pleasure.

Westone Bluetooth Cable V2 Review

Sound Quality

Once plugged into a pair of Westone W40 earphones, it’s plain to see just how far this cable has come from the original design.  Sure, it retains the outward appearance of Westone’s first wireless MMCX cable.  However, the V2’s sound takes full advantage of the advancements brought on by Bluetooth 5.

The resultant sound appears at once sharp and contrasting with excellent detail and superb resolution.  And not just with Westone W40 earphones, but with the Final Audio E4000 as well.

Seemingly easier to drive than the original, the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable delivers decent volume for most listening situations.

Westone Bluetooth Cable V2 Review


Thanks to that MMCX connection, the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable can work with any MMCX earphones – in theory.

The only real hindrance here comes in the form of a short, rubber lip around the connection itself.  This cable works flawlessly with Westone and Final Audio, but could be physically modified to handle Shure, Campfire, MEE Audio, DUNU, and Mackie IEMs.

Bluetooth connection strength and ease-of-pairing remain top-notch, and the in truth the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable constitutes as much of a pleasure to use as it is to listen to.

Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable Review


Stacked up against its forerunner, the Westone Bluetooth Cable, and its competition, the Shure BT2, the Westone V2 offers a solid upgrade no matter how you look at it.  The improved battery life, the slight form factor, and the luscious sound quality provide an impressive accessory for any half-decent earphones utilizing an MMCX connection.

If you don’t want to deal with the slight inconvenience of a charging cradle, you could skip this model and opt for the Shure BT2.  However, such a tradeoff will result in only 10 hours of battery life (as opposed to the V2’s 12 hours).

Otherwise, the decision couldn’t appear more clean-cut:  get the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable if you want the newest and best-sounding wireless MMCX cable.

Final Analysis

At $149, the Westone Bluetooth V2 Cable offers a solid value for the price.  With 12 hours of battery life, a strong build, and a sweet, sweet sound, this cable has you covered.  For folks who already own MMCX earphones and want to go wireless, there’s no better option.

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