Bragi Faces Shipping Delay of THE HEADPHONE Promised In Time For Christmas

Bragi Faces Shipping Delay of The Headphone Promised In Time For Christmas

Only 24-hours ago Bragi announced via Twitter an update on the shipping status of The Headphone, their much anticipated “truly wireless” Bluetooth in-ear headphones. According to the announcement also sent to pre-order customers, Bragi expected to be able to deliver The Headphone to customers who pre-ordered (before December 1) by Christmas.

Bragi went on to explain in their letter to pre-ordering customers that due to delays in manufacturing and ensuring tolerances of both physical and electronic aspects of production, the first shipment of The Headphone is only now on a delivery route from Asia. Bragi also explained that some pre-order customers will receive the product this week but not all pre-orders will make it in-time for Christmas. They also promised an extension of their manufacturer’s warranty by 30-days for all 2016 orders of The Headphone.

Bragi did apologize for the delay in delivery of The Headphone and assured all their customers that product quality levels are strict and that this delay reflects the importance of this fact. Pre-order customers who planned to gift The Headphone are offered a downloadable PDF to put under the tree. Certainly a thoughtful consolation to this unexpected delay.