This lumen jacket glows in the dark, but that may not be the coolest part. Try magnetic pads that easily lock your buds in place.

This Lumen Jacket Has Magnets to Keep Your Earbuds in Place

Designed to keep you safe, but also stress free. This utilitarian style jacket is fashioned with a small magnetic pad for you to rest your earbuds when they aren’t in use. Moreover, the inside of the coat features a small opening to feed the wires from your headphones securely through the lumen jacket and into a pocket where you can store your cellphone.

lumen jacket project shadow

If you aren’t sold on the lumen jacket based on the earbud magnets alone, let me blow you away with all of the other cool features. Both the front and back are designed with mesh lining flaps that act as ventilation slits. And while there are standard pockets near the lower left and right abdomen of the coat, a hidden pocket (large enough for an iPad) is sewn inside for you to store your valuables.

lumen jacket project shadow

There are three different types of Project Shadow lumen coats. Shadow is the darkest shade and it features a water repellent coating. The white coat is called Ghost. It is that of a Glow-in-the-Dark, breathable fabric. The blue coat is called Olympian. It is reflective and water resistant. Go for the gold! 

Anyone interested in snagging a lumen jacket with a magnetic strip for their earbuds can look to Project Shadow’s Kickstarter campaign. At an early bird price Ghost, Shadow, or Olympian can be purchased at the Early Bird Price of $115. Orders will ship to backers in January 2017.