1 More E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Review

Consumer electronics is a full-time job for the engineers at 1 More in California. Their line of headphones are quickly becoming the buzz in the headphone world because of their incredible quality and affordability. Their latest earphone is the E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone and it stands to makeĀ for some real competition for everyday audiophiles. Let’s take a look at the specs, features and the sound of this earphone and see if it’s really worth all the hype.


The E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones come in a fancy looking box about the size of a regular hardback novel and inside the earphones themselves look impressive enough. The angled design of the earbuds is one we’ve seen before but it’s an effective one as it seems to be one of the best designs for comfort and getting the best sound. The body of the E1001 are aluminum alloy and feel much sturdier than the plastic that other companies tend to use.

The cable on these earphones comes with a Kevlar wound wrapping which is a common trend these days and one I’m a big fan of. The inline mic and controls are solid and are compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

The kit comes with a lot of extras too. There’s a nice carrying case… something you definitely don’t get with a lot of earphones. There’s also an airline adapter, a wire clip to keep them from pulling out of your ears and a total of 9 different ear tips. The 3.5mm plug is gold plated and the frequency range of the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones is an impressive 20Hz – 40kHz. And of course the triple driver technology is the icing on the cake. 1 More uses 2 balanced drivers in combination with 1 dynamic driver. You can see the layout in the diagram below.

So far the E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones by 1 More is quite the package but let’s give it a listen and see if this triple driver earphone can make the grade.


The E1001 is clearly designed to attract audiophiles looking for a decent in-ear headphone. I like to audition headphones with many different types of tracks. Everything from pop-music and hip-hop to indie rock and electronic.

When I first sampled the Triple Driver in-Ear Headphones by 1 More the first thing I noticed was the clarity. The E1001 has a flat frequency response comparable to the Westone W-Series in-ear-monitors. At first though it seemed too flat. I was getting a lot of clear high and mid-frequencies but the bass was almost non existent. So I decided to try the different sized eartips and it made all the difference in the world. I commonly like foam eartips anyway so I opted for one of the larger pairs. Finally I got the isolation I needed and the full frequency spectrum was audible including the bass that initially seemed to be missing. Not too much though. It definitely felt more like a true reference style earphone.


Overall the E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones by 1 More is quite amazing for the price. Everything about this earphone from the quality of the build, the features / accessories and the sound were definitely on point with an audiophile IEM. My only suggestion is to take the time to find the right size eartips to get the proper amount of isolation to block out noise and keep wanted music frequencies in.


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