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Kennerton Heartland Review

Kennerton Heartland Review

Kennerton Heartland Review Kennerton does all things audio, but today, we're narrowing our focus on the company to a newer high-end release: The Kennerton Heartland....
Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH 50 JM vs Rognir Dynamic Review

Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH 50 JM vs Rognir Dynamic Review

Many audiophiles have become familiar with the Kennerton brand, which has grown significantly in popularity over the last year or two. The GH 50...
Kennerton M12s

Kennerton M12s Review

We've been covering the high-end of Kennerton's selection for a while now, so I think it is time to bring attention it's their more...

Kennerton Rognir Dynamic Review

I recently took a look at one of the latest headphones to come from Kennerton, the Gjallarhorn GH 40, which was a follow-up to...

Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH 40 Review

When I reviewed the first Gjallarhorn headphones from Kennerton, I felt like I was truly listening to a tonally unique sound I have yet...
Kennerton Rognir Limited First Edition Planar Magnetic Headphones - Review 4

Kennerton Rognir, Limited First Edition Planar Magnetic Headphones – Review

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, headphone company Kennerton is continuing to garner more popularity for their high-end headphones as they further expand their reach...
Kennerton Wodan Planar Open Back Review 1

Kennerton Wodan Open Back Planar-Magnetic Headphone – Review

I’ve been gradually making my way through Kennerton’s catalogue of headphones, having tried the Gjallarhorn, Thror, Thekk, Magni, and Vali. So far, I have...
Kennerton Vali Review 1

Kennerton Vali Review

We’ve had the honor of reviewing quite a few of Kennerton’s products here at Major HiFi lately. Their Vali model was an exciting new...
Kennerton Magni Review Feature

Kennerton Magni Review

The Magni is one of Kennerton Audio’s more accessible models. I’ve previously listened to their Gjallarhorn GH 50 JM and Thror models, both of...

Kennerton Releases New Rognir Closed-Back Planar

The Russian headphone manufacturer has been quite the talk here on MajorHiFi. They already have a new headphone to talk about, and it is...

Kennerton Thekk Review

It’s time for another Kennerton review. These have been going quite long, but there’s just so much to talk about when analyzing the build...

Meze Empyrean vs Kennerton Thror Comparison Review

Audiophile headphones can be a very complex and niche market. Not only are certain brands demanding a pretty penny from people, but the headphones...

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