Amazfit Zenbuds Win the 2020 Red Dot Design Award

Huami is a leader in smart wearable technology out of China. They’ve been a consumer favorite for a minute because of their affordable line of Amazfit smartwatches. The company is going for their first major push into international markets, introducing a whole new ecosystem of products. Part of that ecosystem are the sleep-oriented Amazfit Zenbuds, which just won the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.

The Amazfit Zenbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and come in a beautifully designed package reminiscent of a cloud, or of smooth linen bed sheets. Let’s take a closer look.

What’s in the Buds?

Huami’s Amazfit Zenbuds were premiered earlier this year at CES. They are smart, noise-blocking earbuds specially designed to help people relax and sleep. They do not incorporate ANC technology, but reduce outside noise with a tight acoustic seal and a wide bank of relaxing sounds to help people fall asleep.

Huami released a whitepaper last year on sleep data in Chinese society. The study was based off of questionnaire data from over 100,000 online users. That dedication to understanding and perfecting sleep is evident in the Zenbuds. The Amazfit Zenbuds track things like body position, movement, and heart rate (that’s right, through your ears) to give the user a continuous, updated sleep quality report.

These earbuds weigh in at 1.78g per piece, making them among the lightest in the market. The battery life is in the 8-12 hour range for a single charge, but they work for up to 8 full nights of sleep in a row if you keep the charging case handy.


Like I mentioned earlier, the Amazfit Zenbuds are coming with a whole new circuit of products from Huami as they try to gain more traction in the US market. Huami is introducing two Amazfit-brand treadmills to consumers. They are also coming out with the Amazfit Powerbuds, a sturdier, sportier alternative to the Zenbuds.

No clear price or release date has been set for the Zenbuds as of writing this, but the Powerbuds are definitely dropping soon for the great price of $99. Hopefully the Zenbuds won’t be too far off the mark. I’ll be waiting for more news until then, and can’t wait to try these out for myself. Keep updated with MajorHifi to be in the know!

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