Bragi and CEVA Announce New Collaboration on Hearable Devices

Bragi, the acclaimed software developers bringing smart technology to Bluetooth devices, have partnered with CEVA to develop a new class of hearables. Products planned for production include hearing aids, headsets, and TWS earbuds.

CEVA is the world’s leading licenser of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technology. Their proprietary CEVA-BX DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides beautifully efficient audio processing with extremely low power consumption. This partnership is a beautiful meeting of some of the most forward-thinking companies on the back end of hearable technology.

What to Look Forward To

Bragi and CEVA are coming together to redefine what it means for hearable tech to be customizable. The companies are designing a new app platform which is compatible with the Bragi OS. Tech partners and other experts will be able to offer and upload software apps and services that users can download and integrate into their devices like plugins.

The downloadable features will activate seamlessly with all of the products across the Bragi and CEVA collaboration. Noise cancellation, data encryption, and translation services are among the plugins that you can easily download or remove from your devices depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

CEVA will be including some in-house downloadables on the app as well. These include WishPro speech recognition software, which operates along neural networks, and ClearVox noise reduction.

I’m really excited about this initiative and what it means for the future of modular software! The range of possibilities for what smart tech can do for us has really begun to open up. Since the collaboration was announced just a couple days ago, there’s little information available regarding release dates or product names. I’ll be waiting patiently for more news.

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