JBL CLUB ONE Coming This Spring!

JBL's new CLUB line brings studio-grade specs to the ears of average consumers. A sleek, simple design and attention to detail helped bring the flagship JBL CLUB ONE headphones to life. 

The new JBL CLUB line will feature three pieces: the JBL CLUB 700BT, CLUB 950NC, and the CLUB ONE. The CLUB ONE over-ear headphones are the most expensive in the grouping at $350. That’s starting to get pricey, but certainly isn’t out of the question for a dedicated listener.

What to Look Out For

The JBL CLUB ONE is at the top of its class because of its drivers and advanced ANC. The headphones utilize 40mm graphene drivers, an extremely thin and durable material that transfers energy more efficiently than other magnetic setups. That means less is lost (and compensated for) between the original signal and what you hear. The result is a fuller, more organic overall sound.

Instead of regular active noise cancelling — featured on the CLUB 950NC — the CLUB ONE has a new adaptive noise cancelling system that samples ambient audio at 50,000 times per second. The high sampling frequency provides truly immediate and responsive noise cancelling. 50,000 times per second!

I have yet to demo the headphones myself because we don’t have them yet at MajorHiFi. I can’t wait to hear what those drivers do and will be sure to write all about it. The headphones can handle an estimated 45 hours of playback time. That battery life is cut nearly in half with ANC turned on, but 23 hours is still strong. It features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, 32-ohm resistance, and a sensitivity of 95dB/mW SPL. Of course, JBL & Harman’s Person-Fi technology is built in, letting you create a personal and immersive sonic experience within the JBL companion app.


We’re still waiting on a concrete date for the JBL CLUB ONE to drop, but know that it’s coming in the next month or two. The CLUB series will be available through Audio 46, JBL’s website, and other retailers.

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