Are Your Airpods Having Issues? Apple Admits To Sound Problems

Recently, there has been a crop of people who have reported specific problems with their Apple Airpod Pros. These issues span from crackling or static sounds to active noise-cancellation not working properly. This has mainly been a problem with people who have bought the Airpod Pros within the last month or so. These experiences have now been recognized by Apple, and are outlined here.

In response, Apple has pointed to contacting their support, making an appointment with their retail locations, or any authorized service providers for customers dealing with these issues. These fixes should come free of charge.

If you’re having these issues, and are looking to replace your Airpod Pros altogether, here are some suggestions.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 

Sure to make a lot of top ten list for best true wireless earbuds of the year, the latest 2020 model proves to be one of the best around. Check out our review here.

Grado GT220

Brooklyn’s finest headphone manufacturer recently brought us their first true wireless, and they knocked it out of the park. That big Grado sound in a true wireless is something special. You can check out our review here.

Final Audio EVA 2020

The collaboration between Final Audio and Evangelion is an interesting pairing, but they came together and delivered some awesome wireless earbuds. Some thick bass and wide spatial imaging make the EVA 2020 a fine choice. See the full review here.

If you’re eager for Airpods, keep checking back to MajorHiFi for updates on the anticipated next iteration of the Pro line.

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