Best IEMs Under $200 2024

It’s getting very affordable to be able to hear high-quality audio. Listening to any of these IEMs might make you ditch your overpriced Bluetooth earbuds altogether. If pure sound quality is your only concern, you’ll easily find something right for you. However, there is so much to choose from, with each IEM possessing its own sound signature that may or may not be to your specific tastes. We’ve all got different ears, but hopefully, this guide can help steer you in the right direction.

Meze alba IEMs

Meze Alba

The Alba has been freshly released, and as soon as I started listening to it I knew it would be one of my new favorites. Meze has made a few IEMs before, but the Alba is the most affordable one they’ve made. Nothing about it looks or sounds like a downgrade from their higher-end models though. Tons of details come across over the Alba, from its bass warmth to its focused midrange and top-end glisten. Add some of the most precise imaging and stereo-scope you’ll find over IEMs for this price and you have one of the best sounds you can hear. As an added bonus, the Alba also comes with its own USB-C DAC dongle that will do the sound justice over any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Sennheiser IE 200 IEMs

Sennheiser IE 200

It’s never a surprise to see Sennheiser show up on a list regarding anything labeled “best” of audio products. Their IE line of IEMs has been very successful, with the IE 200 being their most affordable. The housing is smaller than every selection on this list, making them comfortable to wear for long periods. Its sound is very lively, combining accuracy with intimate imaging and detailed performances. Some of the treble can get hot, but it matches the energy provided by the rest of the sound profile.

QoA Gimlet IEMs white background

Queen Of Audio Gimlet 

One of the first of many “I forgot those existed” picks on this list, the Gimlet is a solid option for the price. Not everything about its sound is perfect, but it has strong low frequencies with a huge scale. It’s really impressive, especially for only sixty bucks. Plus, its ceramic build is very unique for its aesthetic value, as well as its durability.

Final Audio IEMs white background

Final Audio A4000

There are tons of great budget IEMs you can find from Final Audio. The A4000 is one of my favorites from the brand, being one of their most comfortable pairs on top of its great sound. While the A4000 can be a bit sibilant at times, the crispness of its midrange and treble is hard to come by in this price range. Add a wide soundstage and natural separation onto that, and the A4000 becomes hard to deny.

Sivga IEMs white background

Sivga SM003

Sivga isn’t really known for their IEMs, but the SM003 is a very impressive effort from them. You won’t find any other pair of IEMs on this list that have a gunmetal housing after all. What the SM003 does best though is its vocal response. Performances, especially from female singers sound incredibly expressive for the price, full of lush details and realism. The soundstage is also very immersive, making what feels like one of the brand’s best-kept secrets.

Dunu Titan IEMs white background

Dunu Titan S 

Inexpensive, lots of bass, a wide soundstage, and plenty of detail make for one of the most sure bets you can make on an IEM. The Dunu Titan S is a ton of fun, especially with its bass. However, nothing about the Titan S is sloppy. It’s a concise response that also gives texture to its tone. This is also an IEM that only gets better the more you upgrade it, like replacing the cable or using a different DAC.

Timeless IEMs white background

7Hz Timeless

The Timeless was very popular when it was initially released, and have kept up its reputation ever since. Even though these are the most unusual-looking IEMs on this list, that’s barely a deterrent considering what the Timeless sounds like. With the Timeless, you get a level of depth and texture that only a planar driver can deliver. It’s spacious, colorful, and has a ton of power that puts weight behind each track.

Letshuoer IEMs white background

Letshuoer S12 Pro

Another great planar IEM is the Letshuoer S12. I decided to give the Pro a slot over the original due to its enhanced sound properties. The soundstage has better layering on the Pro version, as well as better midrange definition and bass clarity. The S12 Pro also has a great cable with switchable adapters.

Moondrop Aria

Like the Titan S, the Moondrop Aria is another easy bet. There’s also the Aria 2, but I personally prefer the sound of the original Aria. The only thing that the Aria 2 has over the original is the improved cable, but you can always replace it anyway. I prefer the original Aria for its smooth bass and midrange which feels like it has surprisingly more detail than the new one.

Cadenza IEMs white background

Kiwi Ears Cadenza

One of the most affordable on this list, the thirty-five-dollar Cadenza from Kiwi Ears is a solid choice. If you’re really strapped for cash, the Cadenza is an easy choice to make, supplying you with natural details with smooth bass and highs that are easy to digest. It might be one of the cleanest sound signatures you can hear for less than fifty bucks.

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