Best USB-C DACs For The Nintendo Switch 2024

If you use your Nintendo Switch mostly in handheld mode, you have a few options for getting your game audio. There’s the built-in speakers that are sub-par for all the layered sounds and music that modern games are capable of. You get a nice 3.5mm headphone jack, which is harder to come by on most devices nowadays, but like most smartphones, the sound resolution it outputs might not do your headphones justice. Your best option would be the USB-C port, which you’ll be able to attach an outboard DAC to. For the Switch, I would recommend a wired dongle, as it’s the most comfortable way to play the Switch while wearing headphones/IEMs.

Moondrop Dawn PRO

This is the most inexpensive option while also being a genuinely good-sounding DAC dongle. Moondrop has a wide selection of IEMs that are popular among audiophiles, and their accessories like the Dawn Pro are highly favored as well. It’s a small device that has an aluminum housing and it’s one of the cheapest options to include a 4.4mm headphone output.

iFi GO link: Best dongle for Oppo Find X5 Pro

iFi Go Link

In terms of well-known audiophile brands, iFi is at the top of a lot of lists. Like the Dawn Pro, the Go Link is built well for how inexpensive it is. It uses an ESS Sabre Hyperstream DAC chipset and can support resolutions up to PCM384kHz. Emphasis if put on having the highest dynamic range possible, which suits games very well. Chances are you’ll hear more defined backgrounds and scaled effects through the iFi Go Link.

iBasso DC06PRO wins best portable DAC/amp of the year.

iBasso DC06Pro 

If you’re looking for power, the DC06Pro is a great choice for more power-hungry headphones and IEMs. It has a dedicated volume control and can provide efficient volume. You get dual ES9219C quad DAC chips that not only support high sample rates, but its sound profile helps eliminate fogginess, organizing frequencies more coherently. Of course, this response will benefit games greatly, with the many sound elements being put together more accurately through the DC06Pro.

Questyle M15

One of the simplest, but more reliable DAC dongles around is the Questyle M15. Its flagship DAC provides tons of clarity and power similar to the DC06Pro, but with even more drive and organization. If you’re looking for more coherent game audio, with natural sound reproduction that displays everything with balance and range, then the M15 is one of the best choices you can make.

iFi Go Bar

This last entry has something that none of the others do, and that is spatial audio capabilities. For gaming, this is more of a deciding factor compared to recommending a DAC dongle just for music listening. With the Go Bar, you get iFi’s XBass, and XSpace feature, which can add a lot of theatrical elements to your game’s sound.

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