Best Wired Earphones To Use With The iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 has launched, and it comes with a significant change to Apple’s design. They’ve said goodbye to the lightning connector that has been prominent since the iPhone 5. This causes a lot of new possible peripherals to pair with your iPhone, including headphones. Even though your lightning earbuds will be rendered useless with the iPhone 15, Type C headphones are not very hard to come by. Here is a list of some Type C earbuds that we recommend.

Strauss&Wagner EM8C

Strauss & Wagner EM8C

If you’ve read some articles about Type C earbuds, you’re bound to come across the EM8C. They’re not only affordable, but they shoot well above their weight limit in terms of sound. The level of detail in its sound signature will immediately stick out to anyone familiar with mid-budget IEMs. From their simple design, the EM8C might look like a regular pair of Type C earbuds, but contain a very impressive sound underneath.

Moondrop JIIU

Some of the most recent Type C earbuds to be released have been from Moondrop. They’re known for making some excellent mid-budget and high-end IEMs, and try to bring those sensibilties to economical Type C earbuds. The Jiu is like the EM8C in terms of detailed sound, but contains a much more stylish design. They have the appearance of more expensive IEMs, but are affordable Type C earbuds.

Moondrop Droplet

If you’re looking for a pair of Type C earbuds that are really unique, you can try Moondrop’s Droplet. These earbuds present a design that isn’t seen on any sort of in-ear headphones in any price range. This is due to the inspiration it takes from a series of science fiction novels called the Three Body Problem. There’s a particular moment in the second novel that features a mysterious artifact shaped like how the Droplet is shaped. Another feature that makes the Droplet unique is its MEMs mic that is better quality than a lot of earbud cables.

Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X W/USB Type C Cable

The only real over-ear headphone option I can offer for Type C is the DT 700 Pro X, as it has the option of using multiple cables. One of those cables that Beyerdynamic provides is a Type C option, so you can plug them directly into the iPhone 15. The 700 Pro X is a fantastic over-ear headphone already, as it’s made to deliver accurate sound reproduction. It will probably be the best reference you’ll get for Type C. This is the most expensive option, but still reasonable for the quality you’re getting.

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