TOZO T20 Review

TOZO T20 Review

I have reviewed a good amount of true wireless products from TOZO, which I tend to find easy to recommend. They bring you very affordable Bluetooth earbuds that don’t skimp out on sound quality and offer a lot of value. The T20 is only $49, and I’m hoping that it can meet the standard of TOZO’s output so far.

What You Get

  • TOZO T20 Bluetooth Earbud
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • 6 pairs of Ear tips (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide & User Manual

TOZO T20 Review single

Look & Feel

Sometimes TOZO can get a lot of style points for featuring classy designs, but sometimes the design isn’t very notable. With the T20, the appearance of the earbuds can be summed up as black AirPods. While its design is not very inspired, they are competently constructed and have a very comfortable fit. The most unique thing about T20 is its charging case, which features a battery life indicator.

TOZO T20 Review case

Design & Functionality

Inside the T20 is a 10mm dynamic driver, and contains a good level of loudness. You don’t need to crank these earbuds very high to reach a comfortable gain that offers plenty of headroom. There aren’t a ton of features here, but the ones that are offered work very well. The touch sensors on the earbuds are very responsive and only feature a short delay. You don’t have ANC, but you do have ENC which makes isolation feel more natural for phone calls. TOZO has a companion app you can use with the T20, and it features a very effective parametric EQ that gives you a lot of control.


The T20 features Bluetooth 5.3, which offers fast pairing and a stable connection. It only features SBC and AAC CODECs, but I never took issue with the connection quality.

Battery Life

One of the T20’s most impressive aspects is its battery life. It depends on how high of a volume you’re listening with, but you should be able to get up to 10 whole hours from a single charge of the T20. With the charging case, that makes for 42 hours until you need to plug in the charging case. That makes for a ton of playtime with these affordable pair of wireless earbuds, which is quite a feat.

TOZO T20 Review pair


I’ve listened to a lot of earbuds from TOZO, and they all have varying degrees of soundstage depth. They all bring passable amounts of width for the price, staying true to stereo patterns and positions. The same goes for the T20, which possesses a lot of similar characteristics in its soundstage with its last few efforts. Its spatial imaging doesn’t feature a ton of depth, and its movement feels stunted in the mix. There are moments where the T20 displays some nice wrap-around around though, and it makes the headspace appear a little more open. Everything is still closed off and inside of your head though, but it doesn’t feel like it makes a ton of sacrifices to deliver it to you.

Low End

With a fully customizable EQ, it’s possible to get different flavors of bass. In its standard form, the bass has a strong bloom, resonating through the mix well enough. It comes to the surface smoothly and even provides some good rumble. It’s missing depth in the sub-bass, mainly conveying its punch through the middle of the mix, lacking a bottom-end vibration. It seems underpowered, but EQ helps fix that a bit. You can’t give the bass much more depth, but you can increase the intensity of its tone while also decreasing muddiness.


The midrange is pretty quiet, but flattens out rather than attenuates. Some instruments come across as thin, but the main meat is there. With adjustments from EQ, the sound elements gain a clearer shape on the T20, but it’s still only the surface timbre of the frequencies. Notes gain more of an identity but they’ll always feel constricted. Vocals showcase the best of the midrange by featuring the most cutting textures and articulation.


Even without EQ, the highs have just the present enough amount of spark to make a difference. They’re balanced evenly with the sound signature and also give you a touch of crisp tale to bring out height and texture. Splashes of cymbals and other airy elements are pretty lively through the T20, and I only needed to add a slight shelf to really give these frequencies emphasis.


With TOZO you know you’re getting a competently made pair of true wireless earbuds, and the T20 might be the most reliable ones that they’ve made. As a piece of affordable technology, they work great, from their touch sensors to their massive battery life. Its native sound might not take your breath away, but with EQ you can get it to a place where the sound is textured and gripping. For fifty bucks or less when it’s on sale, the T20 is another no-brainer from TOZO.

The TOZO T20 is available from Amazon.

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