Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

For my fellow Beyerdynamic fans out there who need a pair of Bluetooth buds but can’t go all out on something crazy expensive (like the new Xelento Wireless), the well built and reliable sounding Blue Byrd should do the trick. What makes these buds so Beyerdynamicish? And why are they a great bang for your buck? Let’s find out in this Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

IN the BOX

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

These buds are super easy to pop in, and though the seal isn’t extremely snug, they feel secure and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The shells are small and the ergonomic design makes for a quick fit. Sound isolation is not bad, but the tips don’t sit very far in the canal, so they don’t cut out a huge amount of noise. Still, some might prefer the less obtrusive feel of shallower tips.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review


The Blue Byrd’s supported codecs include aptX™ LL, aptX™, AAC, SBC. So, you can generally expect the highest resolution sound for a wireless headphone (aptX HD excluded), as well as low-latency, which allows you to watch movies on your device without losing sync with your buds.

The Blue Byrd comes with a mic and remote, which is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. The remote will also allow you to activate your useless voice assistant.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

And for the folks who went to Woodstock, Beyerdynamic has designed an accompanying app that will test your ears and compensate for any hearing deficiencies.

Battery life is around 6 hours, which isn’t incredibly long. But it’s on par with models from other brands that are in the same echelon, like the Sennheiser HD 1 Free.


Overall Impressions: Neutrally balanced, clean and detailed


The Blue Byrd delivers neutral lows. Though not too stingy for purists, the bass might be a bit light for some. But if you’re a Beyerdynamic fan, this balance will be welcome, and it is certainly what you would expect from the brand. In terms of clarity, these buds do a fantastic job for a Bluetooth model. Strings have ample transparency and the transition to the higher frequencies is super clean.


We’ve got present and very evenly balanced mids here. Though the somewhat conservative bass keeps these buds from sounding heavy, you’ll still get a full-bodied feel, as the low mids are given plenty of love. But keep in mind that fit has a lot to do with your impression of sound, especially with the way these buds are desiged. And depending on how well I had them sealed, these buds produced very different sound signatures. What I found most impressive was the clean layering of instruments when listening to complicated arrangements. Guitar strums had plenty of separation, while cellos showed a great deal of texture and nuance. 


You’ll get just as much detail in the highs. And there’s good extension here, though Beyerdynamic has avoided going too bright and fatiguing on the ears. Listening to pop, there was plenty of crisp snap from percussion instruments. At the same time, I didn’t experience any piercing until I reached the very top registers.


You can expect a spacious soundstage from the Blue Byrd, as well as a decent sense of dimension for a pair of wireless buds. The feeling of width and depth was there with a good amount of precision, though I could have used a bit more height.


If you’re familiar with the Beyerdynamic sound signature and are looking for that kind of reliable neutrality on the go, look no further. The well-built Blue Byrd will deliver the accurate and well balanced sound profile you’d expect from the brand. And considering that the competing Sennheiser HD 1 Free sells for fifty bucks more, I think the Blue Byrd is a good buy.

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