Denon AH-C160W are High-Res Fitness Earbuds

Denon Audio is known for their high-quality and premium built in-ear monitors. But, now they’ve created something for fitness folks. Meet Denon AH-C160W.

Denon AH-C160W are High-Res Fitness Earbuds

These buds are designed to combine the sound of Denon Audio with a durable, comfortable, and more portable frame. Denon AH-C160W earbuds were crafted by hearing aid specialists to make sure each bud stays in place, even if you are working out. The frame is built with durable hard-grade materials that are sweat and water resistant. The exterior as well as the inside are coated with Nanofics technology that is at an IP rating of X5 and X7.

In hopes of you finding the ideal fit, Denon Audio supplies purchasers with four sets of silicone ear tips and Comply foam tips which are made from memory foam. These tips are malleable and can be molded to fit nice and snug inside your ear canal. The heat from your body warms the foam so it expands against the walls of your canal providing an even better seal against noisy environments.

These buds feature an over-ear-hook design with built in smart controls eliminating that annoying remote that dangles between each earpiece. These buttons allow wearers to easily switch back and forth between tracks, adjust the volume, and take calls. Denon AH-C160W is built with Clear Voice Capture to ensure crystal clear audio when making calls. To boot, there is also Multilingual Voice Prompts that keep you informed of how much battery is left and more. P.S. These buds offer 4 hours of use over Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

When it comes to sound, Denon AH-C160W deliver to the likes of their higher-resolution brethren. Expect to hear that Denon Audio sound signature you love in a more portable frame. These buds resonate over a frequency response of 5 to 22,000 Hertz on 11.5 mm drivers.

Denon AH-C160W costs $150 and is available in black, white, or blue in late February 2017.

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